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The Disciplines that are common to all Kindred are not the only supernatural capabilities at their disposal. Every so often, an entirely new Discipline “technique,” formed by a curious combination of two or more standard powers, emerges from the ranks of the undead. Like standard Disciplines, these techniques — called Devotions — can be learned from or taught to other Kindred in much the same time frame and manner as the broader powers from which they originate. Any vampire with the appropriate prerequisite Discipline dots can, in theory, develop the Devotions for which he qualifies. It’s simply a matter of time and effort.

Some claim to have truly secret Devotions, however, and the claim does have some basis in truth. Kindred may find themselves incapable of developing some of the more esoteric techniques without a learned mentor at their side. Indeed, not all Kindred have even heard of Devotions. By their nature, they are far rarer than the common Disciplines are, and knowledge of them is a bit more fleeting than the understanding of the unique Disciplines that sometimes accompany the creation of new bloodlines. Only a relative handful of Kindred possess Devotions, and fewer still have been wise enough to create their own. Kindred may learn of them through a “secret knowledge” a sire wishes to pass on to them, the confidences of a mentor, stolen wisdom in the hands of rebellious vampires, or by any other manner in which they come up in a story.

Although any Kindred can potentially learn any Devotion as long as she has the Discipline prerequisites, some measure of “creator’s pride” exists pertaining to each, depending upon who claims to have developed the power first. Most of the Devotions stemming from and involving the Protean Discipline are known as Gangrel Devotions, for example, while those involving Theban Sorcery are referred to as Lancea Sanctum Devotions.

Devotions of the Common Disciplines

Animalism Devotions

Beloved PetBody ColonyBrute Cannot BetrayCircle the WagonsHeart of the DominantHerds MeasureHive InductionHoneycomb HeartHounds of BloodMan to BeastMask of the BeastPredatory GrowlScent of the BeastSeek the BrahminSmall WitnessStingUndiminished RageUndying FamiliarUnholy SkiesUnspoken Missive

Auspex Devotions

Abdo CordisArcane SightArmy of OneAsura Yuu Thi NayBlood BeaconBloody TandemBreak VinculumButchers HookCleansing ImpressionCourt ConcursCutting of the StringsDodonaDrops of DestinyEncode VitaeExegesisEye of ShivaEyes BloodEyes of the DeadEyes of the DragonGlory of RaGuardian VigilHekauHerds MeasureHive Nexus GestaltKnowing the StrangerLessons in the SteelLiberated MindManteiaMemory TheftMercurial FormMessageMessage in a BottleMethusaleh EffectMock MindOath of Blood KnivesOath of Blood ServiceOcculted SpiritPalinodePreemptive ReflexQuicken SightRestoration of Things LostRitual of NourishmentSample the EarthSanguine SeanceScent of the BeastSee the Reflected FormSeek the BrahminSeeking the SilentShadow in the LandShadows RevelationSmall WitnessSomaSpecter SightSpirit SensesSpirit SightSusurrusSyncopeTelepathic NetworkTimed MessageTorpid AwarenessTouch of DeprivationUnflinching Eye

Celerity Devotions

Blood ShieldBurrowDance of KaliEyes of the DeadForced MarchFreeze BonesGuardian VigilHair TriggerHuskInstant AdorationInstantaneous TransformationManteiaPreemptive ReflexQuicken SightQuicken the Slumbering VitaeSearing WindShiversShoutSomaStone ClingStutterSubliminal MessagesSudden StrengthSusurrusTimed MessageTrackless Step

Dominate Devotions

Aversion CurseBlinkBody ColonyBottle CommandCompel SpiritDodonaDress to ImpressExegesisEye of ShivaGawkHeart of the DominantHidden AgendaHidden MasterHive InductionHive Nexus GestaltIgnoreImmutable MindIndomitable AuraKnights ExampleLiquid MemoryLove Like BloodMan to BeastMemory TheftMessageMessage in a BottleMessengers BlessingMock MindOath of Blood KnivesPalinodePoisoned ChalicePredatory GrowlRoyal JellyRumor of DreadSeek the BrahminShoutSleepwalker DevotionSomaStalwart ServantStingSyncopeTouch of DeprivationUnseen MasterVeridical Tongue

Majesty Devotions

Appalling LureBehind the ThroneBlaseBloody TandemChurchtower GazeConsent of the Magna MaterCourt ConcursDraught of RevelationDress to ImpressEnliven the FleshFaking ItGawkGlory of RaInstant AdorationKnights ExampleLovely or Loathsome WebMakeoverMercurial FormMethusaleh EffectNight LifeOath of Blood ServicePoisoned ChalicePrinces WrathRallying BloodSanguine SeanceShadows RevelationSong of SerenityStalwart HeartTalk of the TownTears of BloodTimed MessageTransgression of AttisVeridical TongueWitch Lights

Nightmare Devotions

Aversion CurseCall of CourageChurchtower GazeDauntless SpiritFreeze BonesGlimpse of the AbyssLoathsome FoePrinces WrathRepulsive MienRumor of DreadSanctum of FearSearing WindShadow HeartShiversStutterTerrible FleshThis Awful GripWarding FleshWicked GraspWitch LightsWretched Bite

Obfuscate Devotions

Army of OneBehind the ThroneBlessing of the Captive EyeBrute Cannot BetrayCamouflageCleansing ImpressionCutting of the StringsEncode VitaeEnliven the FleshFaking ItFooling the Sleeping BeastGhost WalkGimme 50Glimpse of the AbyssHerds MeasureHidden AgendaIron FacadeKnowing the StrangerLiberated MindLoathsome FoeMakeoverManteiaMask of the BeastMasked BloodMethusaleh EffectOcculted SpiritPicture PerfectRepulsive MienRitual of NourishmentSpecter SightSubliminal MessagesTelepathic NetworkTransgression of AttisUnseen Master

Protean Devotions

22 SolidBeloved PetBlood From the BoardsBobcat ClimbingCamouflageCircle the WagonsClaws of AmphisbaenaFlesh of IronGargoyles WatchGhost WalkHidden MasterInstantaneous TransformationKiller InstinctMan to BeastMercurial FormOath of Blood KnivesPartial TransformationRegeneration DevotionRhinos HideRime of SaltSample the EarthSanctum of FearSee the Reflected FormSeeking the SilentTerrible FleshTorpid AwarenessTrackless StepTransubstantiation of the StarvedUndiminished RageUndying FamiliarUnholy SkiesUnnatural ContortionUnspoken MissiveVitae BloatWhisper of WarWolf-ManWretched BiteYielding Soil

Resilience Devotions

22 SolidBlaseBlood From the BoardsBlood ShieldBody of WillBreak VinculumCircle the WagonsDauntless SpiritDestructive MightFlesh of IronFooling the Sleeping BeastForced MarchGargoyles WatchGuardian VigilHair TriggerHoneycomb HeartHounds of BloodIgnoreImmutable MindIndomitable AuraIron FacadeIron MusclesKnights ExampleLanguors DenialLessons in the SteelLove Like BloodMedusas ScalesMessengers BlessingPartial TransformationRallying BloodRegeneration DevotionRejected MaladyRhinos HideRime of SaltRoyal JellyStalwart HeartStalwart ServantStrength from PainTerrible FleshUnflinching EyeUnnatural ContortionVitae BloatWhisper of WarWill to EndureYielding Soil

Vigor Devotions

BlinkBlood ShieldBobcat ClimbingBody of WillBurrowDestructive MightFree Your BloodHuskIron MusclesKiller InstinctKnights ExampleLanguors DenialNight LifeQuicken the Slumbering VitaeRejected MaladySanguine StrengthShadow HeartStone ClingStrength from PainSudden StrengthTerrible FleshThis Awful GripWill to Endure

House Rule

Please see the house rule about Learning Disciplines & Devotions.

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