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Night Horrors Immortal Sinners p. 118-120
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The Lithopedia discipline is associated with the Csalad bloodline, a rare fief-holding group of Mekhet that are, with few exceptions, trapped in Hungary; it is very uncommon to see one outside the Hungarian borders.

Given the ties which bind the Család to their lands, it is no surprise that the theme of Lithopedia is the pairing of Kindred and the land, similar to the way a blood tie works. Lithopedia is a ritual discipline, meaning that it is learned like Cruac or Theban Sorcery, with more than one ritual per dot; the levels may be purchased at 5x New Dots experience, like all bloodline disciplines, but new rituals retain the cost of 2x New Dots.

This discipline is detailed in Night Horrors Immortal Sinners, as the legacy of the elder Hunyadi Dorján.

Discipline Rituals

• One-Dot Rituals

  • Lair of the Beast - The user's entire territory has the effect of the Kindred Predator's Taint.

•• Two-Dot Rituals

  • Taste the Land - Allows the Család to sense what is happening on their land, even if they can't see it.
  • The Lord's Ire - Warps and twists the emotions of those occupying the land.

••• Three-Dot Rituals

  • Territory's Mark - Absorbs the essence of a location into the caster, giving them a relevant Skill bonus.
  • Kin to the Land - Causes everyone occupying the land to be treated as relatives of the ritualist.
  • Direct the Land - Raises the caster's influence in a given area.

•••• Four-Dot Rituals

  • Tie to the Land - Sends the caster's Vitae through the land, producing Vinculum in anyone who touches it.

••••• Five-Dot Rituals

  • Servant of the Land - Feeds a target from afar, allowing the production of ghouls and other effects that would follow.

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