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The Invictus.jpg
The Invictus 189-192
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To the Invictus, matters of honor and decorum are much more important than they are to any other Kindred, with one bloodline, the Spina, being the avatars of this ideal. To that end, they have developed Courtoisie, a Discipline that ensures honorable battle, by limiting the effect of weaknesses cast upon them. The Courtoisie discipline is well known within the covenant of the Invictus as being associated with the Spina bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Clarity of Intention

The Kindred announces his next action clearly; assuming his depiction is accurate, the action occurs with little to no penalties.

•• The Importance of Conversation

Combat is transformed into a social battle, allowing the user to use his Social attributes instead of his Physical ones.

••• Fair Warning, Fairly Given

The Knight may grant the opponent extra turns with which to defend himself; the user benefits from an increase in Defense as a result.

•••• Penalty of Discourtesy

Willpower is taken from a discourteous person and given to the Spina, as penance for his foul actions.

••••• Barbed Words

The words of the Knight become enough to cause harm to the person against which they are directed.

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