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The Invictus p. 165
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In the Invictus, the relationships between people and factions are vital information - one misstep, and a seemingly harmless action could trigger an entire chain reaction of social unrest. The Lynx, a relatively new bloodline of Mekhet, monitor and distort networks using Web, a Discipline that reshapes networks to produce favorable conditions for the Lynx and the covenant they serve.

It can be easy to assume that this power relates specifically to the internet, or to social networking sites; these are strong examples of acceptable networks, but are not the only ones the Lynx can influence.

Discipline Levels

Scan (•)

Allows the user to look at a single person or node of a network and see who they are connected to.

Link (••)

Creates a supernatural relationship between two unrelated targets.

Insert/Delete (•••)

Permits the Lynx to join a network she is aware of, or remove herself from one she is already part of.

Edit (••••)

Changes the nature of the relationship between two people.

Extrapolate (•••••)

By witnessing proof of a network's existence, they can quickly deduce who is connected and the nature of their relationships.

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