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Bloodlines The Legendary p. 75-77
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Ortam is the unique discipline of the Gulikan bloodline of the Daeva. Legendary for their obsession with scent and famed as Perfumers without peer, Ortam allows the Gulikan to create perfumes, oils, soaps and other scented items which carry supernatural influence.

For more details, purchase The Bloodlines: The Legendary sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Single Power

Ortam is a single power discipline that only gains in intensity rather then in new adaptations per each level. Ortam does not have distinct powers for each level like most Disciplines. Instead, a Perfumer may create different supernaturally affecting scents; as his facility with Ortam increases, so does the potency of the scents he creates.

The basic scent is the Essence Vitale Absolue, a distillation of a Kindred's Vitae which carries effects normally achieved only when a subject drinks the Blood (the Vinculum, blood addiction etc.).


A Perfumer is also able to create "Fragrant Devotions", scents which carry the effect of another Discipline or Devotion known to the Perfumer. The knowledge of how to craft a scent for any particular power must be purchased as a separate Devotion, though, unlike most devotions, all Fragrant Devotions have a set price of 3 experience.

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