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Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem are distinct variations of the five acknowledged Clans. For reasons not fully understood, sometimes after reaching a certain age and power, perhaps for other reasons or under other circumstances, some Kindred affect -- or are affected by -- a mystical change upon their vitae, which changes their essence, taking them a step away from their parent clan, making them into something else. No one is exactly sure what makes a Bloodline founder change her vitae (or whether she does, in fact, actually want to change it at all), but the end result is the same: a new way for the vampire to experience and explore her Requiem. Sometimes this change is unique to a single kindred, but when the change can be passed along to the vampire's childer, a new bloodline is begun.

Most of the time, Kindred who join a bloodline have a sire of the same Bloodline, which means a less restrictive and natural transformation for the childe. Those who do not wish to join their sire's line, wish to attempt to change their Bloodline or whose sire belongs to no Bloodline (i.e. is a direct member of the parent Clan of a Bloodline), must seek an instructor, called an Avus, who can induct them into the Bloodline's beliefs and vitae. In such a case, both must belong to the same parent Clan.[1]

Blood Potency and Bloodlines

  • At Blood Potency 2 a character may "Activate" his/her sire's bloodline, becoming a part of it.
  • At Blood Potency 4 a character may join another bloodline as long as it is part of his parent clan's liniage.
  • At Blood Potency 6 a character create there own bloodline as long as they have not joined another bloodline or activated their sire's bloodline.

All of the Above is at the cost of a Willpower Dot, which must be bought back at the standard cost of 8XP or the PC's Willpower total is at a -1.

House Rules

As with all custom content, player created Bloodlines will only be considered after six months of active play.

The following Bloodlines have been House Ruled:

The following Bloodlines have been Banned:

Table of Bloodlines

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