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"Just think about a cool vampire story. Just not the one where your guy has a trench coat, and wants a katana, that's my story." - Dark Passenger

This game is accepting new character submissions!

This page is an venue specific addendum to the general Character Creation Rules. Please make sure that you have read the general rules thoroughly, as they apply as well.

Please direct all questions about Vampire character creation to the Requiem Storyteller, Seryna.


  • Characters begin with 30XP to spend after applying the Vampire template. You should submit your basic(no Bonus XP) Character, and then post your Bonus XP Log to the Character Sheet that is subsequently created. Please do not include Bonus XP expenditures in your Character Submission.
  • No FOB/new Embraces, unless you make arrangements prior to have a PC mentor who is wholly responsible for teaching and mistakes made. Otherwise, all PCs are expected to know the basics of Kindred society.
  • Multiple Vampires - You are allowed two active characters total, with the following restrictions:
Your two vampires cannot interact with each other
They must be of two separate clans and covenants
Only one may hold a Domain Title
They cannot combine their efforts (have/aid a mutual friend, have/harm a mutual enemy)
A second character requires six months of tenure in the venue
  • Vampire does not use Flaws.
  • Mage does not use the Sloth Vice.
  • Please read the Vampire FAQ for additional information your character should know.
  • Please do not use rules/material from God Machine Chronicle, Blood and Smoke, etc...


  • Mekhet Hollow[1] Vampires are not allowed.
  • Gangrel Red Surrender[2] is not allowed.
  • Nosferatu Clan Curses must be able to pass as human -- no walking Masquerade Breaches.
  • Ventrue may optionally replace Animalism with Vigor as an in-Clan Discipline. Please notify the Vampire Storytellers at character creation if this option is exercised.



  • If a Bloodline is taken at Character creation (requires Blood Potency ●●), the Willpower dot that is used to activate the bloodline must be bought back immediately with bonus character creation XP before the character is Approved. The Willpower dot costs 8XP and does count towards the Supernatural Expenditures Limit.
  • Please also note: By Edict of the Prince of Sacramento, members of the Kallisti bloodline are banned from the Domain of Sacramento, on pain of death. That does not mean a player can't play a Kallisti, but doing so means the player accepts the risks inherent in choosing to play a character of that bloodline in this setting.[4]


  • Some of the newer (read: power creeped) BLs, such as the Apollinaire and Iltani, bring the standard 4th Discipline in-clan but also allow for custom BL Sorcery. These sorceries (Merges, Vodoun) are removed from play, maintaining the +1 Discipline model of Bloodlines.


  • Clan Specialties: Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Nightmare, and Protean must be learned in-game from a teacher if the character is not a member of the Clan. They cannot be taken at creation and 'backstoried'.
  • Clan Specialties: Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Nightmare, and Protean can only be taught by that Clan's respective members. Such Disciplines gained through a Bloodline are not teachable.

Source Books

Most books are accepted for play; however, the following books are not allowed: Ancient Bloodlines, Armory Reloaded, Blood Sorcery, Blood and Smoke, Boston Unveiled, Danse Macabre, Dudes of Legend, Imperial Mysteries, Inferno, Left-Hand Path, Mage Translation Guide, Signs of the Moon, Summoners, Vampire Translation Guide

Ghouls and Mortals

As of March 2016, the Vampire venue is accepting both Ghouls and Mortals as player characters[5]. Ghouls will follow the standard guidelines (above) but must fulfill a prerequisite:

  • Any Ghoul or Mortal character must be 'attached' to a Vampire character. Whether they act as a Retainer or an extension of an Allies Merit, they must have a full Vampire PC who will 'vouch' for them. An agreement must be made prior to character creation with another player. This will allow the Minor Template character to participate in the Vampire game more readily.
  • Blood Addiction and Vinculum should be reviewed carefully for role-playing considerations, as a ghoul PC is a complete thrall.
  • See Ghouled Retainers for rules on Ghouls as Retainer Merits.


Characters are submitted using the Vampire Submission Form (including Ghouls and Mortals).

  • Read the form thoroughly, as it contains important information.
  • Please be brief with the history.

Your submission can be found here once the form is submitted.

  • Your character sheet can only be seen by yourself and Vampire Storytellers.
  • Storytellers will post into that thread to work through the approval process.
  • Please be patient. Approval usually takes 2-3 days.

Beginning Play

People get excited about playing, and some tend to over-narrate. please read some of the items in this thread, The Devil is in the Dots, that describes how best to help weave your skills, traits, etc. into our usual style of play here.

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