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“Gather round children. The Story of Sacramento is long and complex.”

“The beginning? The Anshega (Pure Tribes) held this city uncontested for over a century. That changed some time ago.” Granny paused and looked around those assembled by the bonfire.

“Perhaps you have heard of the Lodge of Scars. That fabled lodge? Home to only the most ancient and powerful of our heroes. Luna’s call came, and two entire packs of Scarred Ones answered her call. The fell on the city with the ferocity of Urfarah himself, carving out all the land south of the American river and leaving two dozen Pure slain in their wake”

“But none joins the ranks of the K'ruuk, who does not wish for a glorious death. And that death indeed found them, to a man. Only Flame of Man survived long enough to pay tribute to the fallen. It was he who had first received Luna's vision and brought his pack to their final work. Perhaps it was fitting that he be the one to see its first fruits. He sent a call far and wide, for those who would defend the city that had been wrested at such cost.”

Granny paused and took a long sip of her coco “I wish the citys story ended there. That the packs that answered the call to defend the city pushed forward and drove the rest of the pure out. But sadly it was not.”

“Sacramento had a thriving Wolf population once, and it had tales of glory as they fulfilled their purpose. I wish I had been here to see it.”

“And that is where my story comes into it. My pack was based outside Gardiner, Yellowstone. Mount Wallace to be exact. You see we rarely went into town but one day a member of our pack ventured in to get supplies and make contact with a pack there. They were found dead, had been dead for weeks and the spirit world desolate. We never found out what happened to them.” Granny shook her head in sorrow.

“But we vowed to never let what happened in Gardiner happen again.”

“One day Luna called and directed us to Sacramento. We came, some would say just in time. Others would say too late. We had barely even been here a day when a shockwave rippled throughout the spirit world. Spirit and Uratha both felt the shockwave, some did not make it. No one has any idea what caused the shock wave, but what we do know is the Spirit World reacted in a way that none of us anticipated.”

“It is hard to describe but Spirits turned against each other, ones that were friendly to the Uratha also turned against us and as we desperately tried to get things under control the worst was yet to come. A Magath.” Granny paused and closed her eyes for a few seconds.

“The Magath was more powerful than any of us had ever seen. It had to be stopped. Was this the cause, we don’t think so. From what we can tell it was a side effect of the shockwave.”

“The packs of the city banded together and launched an attack. It was a battle of epic proportions that raged on longer than any battle I have ever seen. We would have lost had it not been for Hector, that wolf died saving us all and for that he will forever be a legend.” Granny took a deep breath “Only when it was over did we count our losses. Entire packs with Uratha either dead or missing. My own pack suffered losses. I mourn the passing of them every day. All that was left were 4 wolves. My own pack and Emily.”

“That was April 2022. The spirit world has calmed down since the Magath was destroyed, but it is still in turmoil. My pack had never intended on staying here but we did to ensure that Sacramento lives on. We carved out our territory, making it neutral ground for any wolves that come to the city answering the call for help.”

“You see children, the city is a living, breathing entity and the history of the Uratha has yet to run its course. The full extent of that history will be decided by all our actions and hopefully the actions of those that come after us.”

Granny smiles “It is not all doom and gloom. I happen to carry a pocket full of butterscotch candy; I find it makes everything better. You want one?”


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