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Storm Lords
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Lightning flashes, splitting the bole of an ancient tree, and the crash of thunder shatters the ominous silence of the night. Prey animals scatter, their hearts hammering,and even otherwise brave predators panic and flee. And those who reckon themselves above both predator and prey freeze in unaccustomed terror, not knowing what’s coming. They don’t yet recognize the signs of displeasure from the Iminir, the Storm Lords.

Renown: Honor
Gifts: Dominance, Evasion, Weather, Alpha
Totem: Skolis Ur, Winter Wolf
Ban: Allow No One To Witness Or Tend To Your Weakness

As the tales go, when Father Wolf was killed and the reality of what that meant for the future sank in, the Firstborn turned to his two eldest for guidance and support. Huzuruth-Ur, the Dire Wolf, the oldest, strongest and cruelest of the litter, snarled bitterly and vowed everlasting revenge on the betrayers who had committed this crime. Skolis-Ur, the Winter Wolf, the second oldest, felt a glimmer of that rage, but it was nothing to the consuming storm of grief within him. Overcome, he threw back his head and gave a piercing, mournful howl the likes of which his brothers and sisters had never heard. They cowered and panicked, not knowing what to do, and whimpered among themselves.

The Storm Lords (Iminir) are an Uratha tribe who refuse to show any weakness and to stand above their non-Storm Lord brethren.

Active Members

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