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Werewolf House Rules
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Please note that Werewolf is currently lacking an ST. Dice rolling should be minimal or in Player Run Plots.



Every character begins with a base pool of Essence equal to their Harmony. Additional Essence is calculated using the following formula.

  • +2 if you have hunted a human or wolf for essence in the past 2 months (requires harmony roll)
  • +1 if a Rite of the Sacred Hunt was performed by the pack in the last 3 months
  • +1 for every point of essence your totem gives you, divided by the number of packmates, rounded down.
  • +1 when the Auspice moon of the character is in the sky (See the Moon tag at the beginning of each thread if you're not sure)
  • -1 for being a Ghost Wolf
  • -1 for being Packless


Shapeshifting does not require a roll if both 1)you have more than 5 dice in your stamina+survival+primal Urge pool.

2)You are not in a time intensive situation (e.g. combat, chases, extended actions)

Pack Totems

Spirit Bans are going to involve you actively participating in your community. You aren't going to react to stuff, you are going to cause stuff to happen. If Mage is based on Resistance and Vampire on Finesse, Werewolf is Power. And that means you go out and flex your strength, intelligence, and presence to bend the world to your will. Directly.

So expect totem bans along the following lines:

Totem bans will encourage you to do something active in your community. This might be cleaning up the streets, either figuratively or literally. Or it could be polluting the area, finding filth and garbage. Or some other way of changing the community to better fit your totem's resonances.

Totem bans will also prevent you from doing something that is fairly uncommon. You may be prohibited from telling the truth to your enemy, or forced to protect those who pledge themselves to you, or never letting an enemy flee. Totem bans will generally not change over time. Totem bans will be a reflection of the totem's Rank, not how much you put into it for dots of Totem. While I would prefer to keep it as dots of totem reflecting the ban, with the constantly fluid nature of PbP gaming and people coming in and leaving, it would be a headache to keep updating the ban, and make things extra difficult for the pack.

Totem Glimpses

The Totem is an essential part of a pack's strength. Each month that the totem works with the pack, one of the pack members must post a totem glimpse, wherein they show how they are helping fulfill the pack ban of the totem. Once each member has posted 6 such posts, the pack no longer needs to post such glimpses. If the pack fails to post for the month before having reached the 6 per packmember, then the totem rescinds its benefits, and the pack must do a group glimpse of contrition to restore the totem's benefit (This does count towards everyone's 6 glimpses). Additionally, should the pack violate the totem's ban, even if they have the requisite number of posts, they must still perform a group contrition glimpse in order to restore their totem's benefit. [I]Example: Caleb, Christian and Chantay have Mother Duck as their totem. She demands they protect the waters of their territory as her ban. First month Caleb posts about stopping a guy dumping waste into the sewer, second month Caleb posts about cleaning up a dirty beach, third month Christian posts about hunting down a polluter, fourth month no one posts. Mothering Duck retracts her benefit. All three characters together do a group glimpse of cleaning the beach. She returns the benefit. Currently Caleb has 3, Christian 2, and Chantay 1. After many more months, each has 6 glimpses, and they no longer need to post. A new packmember, Charity, joins the pack, and so she posts once a month until she has garnered the 6, and now she needs post no longer. The pack then is forced to dump poison in the water, and so they loose the benefit of mothering duck. They all make a group Glimpse demonstrating their reintroduction of fish and cleanup of the toxin, and regain the benefit.[/I]

Detecting Other Werewolves

Werewolves can automatically smell another werewolf unless a werewolf has activated Feet of Mist to increase the tracking penalty to -3; then, there is a roll to smell them. This is consistent with the purpose of the gift. And, given the weaker scent, it makes sense. The dice pool will be a base of Wits + Primal Urge - 3, with the following modifiers:

  • +1 if the character is in Dalu or Gauru form
  • +2 if the character is in Urshul or Urhan form
  • +2 if the other werewolf is on the cusp of the First Change
  • -1 if other strong scents are in the air
  • -2 if the other werewolf is in Hishu or Urhan form

Crossing the Gauntlet

To clarify, when a werewolf goes through a verge, she keeps her clothes and other personal items, just like a mage or a human. And when a werewolf goes through a Spirit Road cast by a mage, she also keeps her clothes and other personal items.

When a werewolf steps sideways across the gauntlet, this is a fundamentally different way of crossing, where the werewolf's physical form is subsummed into the spiritual one. So any physical items not dedicated to the werewolf's spirit are shucked off the physical form. When returning, and spiritual items are likewise lost. Should a werewolf be pathfinding for a ridden, human, vampire, etc. any physical items on the person are lost unless they are in some way part of the person's spirit.


Ritual rolls are limited to the Harmony of the performer. This means that a Harmony 7 Wolf can roll up to 7 times for a ritual. A Harmony 4 Wolf can roll up to 4 times.



You can create your own elemental adaptation of any gift in the elemental gift list.

Call water is standard. Call Fire (lasts for 1 turn before your hand actually catches on fire, so put the fire to good use quickly) Call snow (snowball), Call earth, call Air, etc.

Manipulate earth is standard This allows for cosmetic or non-damaging alterations. Can move water in a pond to create a drier section, can part the flames as you walk through them, etc.

Command does damage with the element, fairly self-explanatory.

The 4 and 5 dots do even more damage. And are really rather scary. Everything that's not standard has to be approved by the Storyteller. However, I generally like adaptations. To purchase another element of the same level (have call earth, want call snow) is 3 xp per dot level. (4 if non-favored)


The following Rites have been House Ruled:

The following Rites have been Banned:

Primal Urge

Primal Urge has been house ruled. In addition to the bonuses discussed in the Core, the following takes effect:

  • The maximum amount of Fetishes a character may have attuned to them at any one time is equal to their Primal Urge.
  • Increased Primal Urge provides a social bonus against wolves and other canines.
  • For more details, please check Werewolf Cheat Sheet#Primal Urge


Fetishes do not have an age limit as described in Lore of the Forsaken.


The following Werewolf specific Skills have also been House Ruled:


Custom merits are available for purchase in the Werewolf Venue. They are:

The following Werewolf specific Merits have also been House Ruled:

The following Werewolf specific Merits have also been Banned:

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