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Errata: Werewolf
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Stuff that Ethan Skemp has said in terms of errata and clarifications.

Core Book Errata

The following is a work-in-progress version of the errata and is not the final, official version.

P. 77 -(clarification) Werewolves regain one point of Essence each night when first glimpsing their Auspice moon. Thus a Rahu would gain a total of 5 Essence per month (in a row) and an Elodoth would gain 6 (3 each split between waxing/waning).

  • Full Moon: 5 nights
  • Waning Gibbous Moon: 3 nights
  • Waning Half Moon: 3 nights
  • Waning Crescent Moon: 3 nights
  • New Moon: 5 nights
  • Waxing Crescent Moon: 3 nights
  • Waxing Half Moon: 3 nights
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon: 3 nights

P. 105 -Second paragraph under Read Spirit, replace each showing of the word "Charm" with the word "Numina." Spirit powers are Numina; there are no Charm powers held by these spirits.

P. 116 -Second paragraph under Death Grip, replace with “A werewolf in Gauru, Urshul or Urhan form can normally stage a bite attack without first initiating a grapple on a target (see p. 171). By use of this Gift and establishing a grapple on a target, however, a werewolf can inflict truly horrific harm. Once a hold is achieved and maintained, the character may spend an Essence point to activate this Gift. The character gains an additional six dice to Strength + Brawl rolls made to overpower the opponent. If the werewolf chooses to inflict damage, the damage is lethal rather than bashing. The victim's ability to break the werewolf's hold is also diminished. The roll made for his next effort to break free or perform an overpowering maneuver of his own suffers a -2 penalty. A werewolf can use this Gift only in Urhan, Urshul or Gauru form. His jaws in Hishu and Dalu form are too small and imperfectly shaped to afford the proper purchase.

P. 116 - Replace final paragraph with “Cost: 1 Essence per grapple”

P. 117 - Replace first paragraph with: “Dice Pool: No roll is required.

P. 117 - Omit the Roll Results section of the Gift mechanics.

P. 123 - (Scent of Taint) Acolytes should be changed to sleepwalkers.

P. 130 - Add the following sentence to the last paragraph under Success for Primal Form: “The mental state of Primal Form is not considered the Rage of Gauru form, and cannot be affected by powers that affect Rage such as the Rage Gift list.”

P. 139 - (Feet of Mist) Cost is 1 Essence to increase the tracking penalty to -3, and can be dropped temporarily or permanently by the character.

P. 173 - Urshul and Urhan should each get +2 to bite attacks.

p. 188 - (sidebar) The mechanics for calculating a totem spirit's Willpower and Initiative should be brought in line with the spirit rules in the Appendix. Change the last paragraph of the sidebar to begin “Record Willpower (Power + Resistance), Essence (15), Initiative (Finesse + Resistance), Speed…”

P. 196 - Last sentence on the page: “…they are less concerned with a werewolf's innate morality than the Ralunim are.”

p. 202 - Fourth paragraph, third sentence should change to “When the year is over, the Uratha is sent into the spirit wilds…”

P. 205 - The Blessing of Vigor fetish is referred to as “Cub's Vigor” in the text. Change the third sentence in the last paragraph to “Upon activation, a Blessing of Vigor grants a +2 modifier…”

P. 234 - Second column, second paragraph: Replace the word “engum” in the last sentence with “totem.”

P 278 - Second column, fourth paragraph: Remove “Balm” from the list of Gifts appropriate for conversion. The list should begin “Call the Breeze, Call Water…”

p. 290 - Second column, second paragraph: Change to “When he and his packmates returned to the Rockies, he arranged a gathering at the…”

p. 308 - No, the Shadow of Smoke and Fire aren't a hidden Easter Egg pack of survivors from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Change their auspices accordingly: “…the other members of the pack include Chilling Murmur of Laughter (Irraka), Furious Spark of Inferno (Rahu) and Profound Weight of Seasons (Ithaeur).”

Lore of the Forsaken Errata

p. 149 - Under the Extra Cost restriction replace "Rage" with "Essence." In Werewolf: the Forsaken, Rage is no longer a power attribute like Essence or Willpower.

Predators Errata



Hosts can regain essence in other ways, in addition to eating werewolves (despite what it says in Predators). That was kind of an oversight. If the only way that Hosts could regain Essence was by eating werewolves, there would be fewer Hosts (or no werewolves); the werewolf population isn't high enough to support such mass predation. Now, werewolf flesh should definitely provide more and probably tastier Essence, but the Hosts should be able to regain Essence in other ways. The most logical would be predation — let them get some Essence from eating people, more from Spirit-Claimed, and even more from werewolves — or from other Hosts. (Reward that cannibalism, I say.) They should also be able to use loci as werewolves do, though this would be a secondary source; Azlu in particular are instinctively driven to shit where they eat.


We missed out an Aspect here. There should be one that allows both an Azlu and a Beshilu to wear a human skin even over a hybrid form, kind of like that giant bug in Men in Black. I'll write something up formally, but for now I recommend basing it on the Skin-Stealing Gift (Werewolf, p. 129) with the limitation that it can only be used once per person and the requirement that the Host must "acquire" the skin by, you know, eating the person.

Lodges: the Faithful Errata

Lodge of Garm Harmony being 6 instead of 7

by Aaron Demski-Bowden

Matt said: "I wrote the bit in the core book; Aaron wrote the bit in Lodges. Maybe he'll pop on to say if he changed it deliberately. "

No, he didn't. In fact, he copied the Prerequisites word for word, with the book on his lap, to avoid that little error. Doublechecking just now, it says 7 in my draft from six or so months ago, and 6 in the developed document a bunch of writers got back from Ethan. Still not seen the actual book.

The missing Lodge of Cerberus Rite

by Aaron Demski-Bowden

Some guy said "It's listed on page 39 of Lodges as a bonus Rite for joining the Lodge of Cerberus, but I can't find it anywhere. Any help?"

Again, that was in my draft. Cut for space is my guess, which sucks, as I loved that ritual to bits. Here's the C&P:

New Rite: Speak with the Guardian (••)

This is the ritual performed at a werewolf’s initiation into the lodge, when Cerberus reads his heart to see if the Uratha is truly dedicated. It is also the rite used when a lodge member needs to contact his totem for guidance. When performed, the ritual opens a spiritual link to Cerberus and the ritemaster is gripped by sudden possession as the totem’s awareness enters his body. It is a shallow link with no real access to Cerberus’ own mind, but even a bare whisper of the great spirits awareness is enough to allow for telepathic communication. The werewolf can ask three questions of his totem, which Cerberus will answer to the best of his knowledge. In addition to his vast knowledge of the Shadow and the general lore of an ancient spirit, Cerberus has the ability to discern the location of any ghosts within a mile radius of any werewolf of the lodge. Also of note, Cerberus can inform the ritemaster of any falsehoods spoken to the werewolf while the Uratha is under the power of this rite.

A werewolf performing this ritual is physically affected by the closeness of his totem. His eyes milk over completely white, though this does not ruin his vision. The ritemaster speaks with Cerberus’ voice, which is a crackling whisper that sounds like a burning funeral pyre. Also, werewolves with a Willpower of less than 9 are unable to suppress severe trembling throughout their body, which is painless but definitely unnerving to both the ritemaster and any onlookers.

Performing the Rite: The rite is performed similarly to the Rite: Call Gaffling. It is only a fraction of Cerberus’ great awareness that answers the summoning and he is a spirit that is much less bitter about being called than many other Shadow-dwellers. The Chiminage must be proof of a recent success against something that threatened the veil between the living and dead. Every time this rite is used more than once per lunar cycle, the ritemaster suffers 5 levels of Lethal damage from convulsions and internal bleeding. This damage cannot be soaked.

Dice Pool: Harmony (versus 7)

Action: Extended (20 successes needed; each roll represents one minute); never contested.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: All accumulated successes are lost; the ritemaster must begin again.

Failure: No successes are added.

Success: Cerberus enters the ritemaster’s body when the required successes are gathered. The totem can maintain this link even when he is otherwise occupied; such is the minute amount of attention it requires on his behalf.

Exceptional Success: Several successes are gained.

The missing Lodge of Harmony Rite

by Matthew McFarland

Just got my copies of Lodges and noticed that although, in the Lodge of Harmony text, it mentions "two rites detailed below" there is, in fact, only one.

This is probably due to a "cut for space" kinda thing, but that sucks for you, because you deserve two rites. Here's the other one:

Rite of Offal (•••)

In olden times, when all of the material that would litter the landscape was organic in nature and would break down in a matter of months or years, the Lodge of Harmony had an easier time keeping their territories clean. Modern garbage, however, is more resilient, and as plastics and other material that even Boar finds inedible began to pile up, the Sulukka petitioned their totem for a solution. The Rite of Offal provides one, although it has its price.

The Rite of Offal, usually performed directly after the Rite of Churned Earth, converts all man-made debris in the area into a foul-smelling but completely natural sludge. The odor is reminiscent of pig manure and is repulsive even to wolf sensibilities, but it goes away after a few days and helps the area’s plant and animal life flourish.

The rite does not function on corpses or other organic matter, only material fashioned by humanity. Also, it doesn’t work on anything still in use; the Uratha could not use it on a car and causes the vehicle to break down into sludge, unless the car was completely irreparable.

Performing the Rite: The ritemaster splashes the area to be affected with his urine (normally this entails a change to Urhan form, although some male Uratha choose to use Dalu). The ritemaster then chooses the largest chunk of man-made material in the area and spits on it, growling a curse in the First Tongue. Finally, he takes and handful of earth and throws it over the area, asking for Rooting Boar’s aid in returning the land to its normal cycle.

This rite is typically performed under the half moon, but can be performed at any time. It can only be enacted once per day.

Dice Pool: Harmony

Action: Extended (10 successes required; each roll represents one minute)

Roll Results:

Dramatic Failure: All accumulated successes are lost. The ritemaster’s clothes and any other objects carried melt into foul-smelling sludge. This odor levies a -4 penalty on all Social rolls and doesn’t wash off for a week.

Failure: No successes are gained at this time.

Success: Successes are gathered toward the total required. If 10 are gained, any man-made refuse within (yards x ritemaster’s Harmony rating) melt into black, stinking slime. This slime acts as good fertilizer for the land, but causes the area to reek for four days or until the next rainfall. The odor is pungent enough to levy a -1 penalty to anyone within the area of effect, and some Uratha have been known to scoop some of the slime up into glass bottles to hurl at enemies. In addition to the odor, getting the stuff in a target’s eyes (see Specified Targets on p. 165 of the World of Darkness Rulebook) blinds him until he can wash the slime off.

Exceptional Success: The ritemaster makes significant progress toward the goal. If 15+ successes are gathered on the same roll that the ritemaster reaches 10 successes, the ritemaster’s Purity rating is added to her Harmony for purposes of determining the area of effect.

The Pure

(A clarification Regarding the Ivory Claw tribal ban.) Source: Ethan Skemp

"Yeah, the ban is actually on adoption. It should be something very like Call no whelp of lesser blood your brother or sister.

"If you like it a bit more severe, then you can penalize the Ivory Claws for associating with the imPure. Even when it would be in their clear best interests to do so. The more zealous the Ivory Claw is about the ban, the more likely they are to perpetuate the vilification of the Forsaken as lesser or the Other, which might suit ongoing plots quite nicely."

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