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There isn't a Win Condition here. That's something that took me a long time to figure out -- Benji

Starting XP Mundane Supernatural
30 17 13
35 20 15
40 22 18

Edge of Darkness is a New World of Darkness Chronicle.

General Rules

Global rules supercede any (erroneous) contradictory information presented elsewhere.

No Minors

We play with adult themes and our Stories are for adults. Please no minor characters -- all characters (and players) should be at least 18, and appear at least 18. Mage and Vampire characters should be 21 or older.

Standard (Table-top) Rules

We use the table-top books and -not- the LARP (Mind's Eye Theater)[1]. This is especially important during character creation for Merit costs (we do not use "Simple Cost" for Merits).

Character Limits

A player is limited to four characters total on the site. If a venue allows more than one character per player, we ask that you have been posting consistently for three months. Additionally, multiple characters can not be in same Family (Clan, Path, etc.) or Organization (Covenant, Order, etc.). Multiple characters played by a single player cannot work toward the same goal(s).

Creation Experience

Characters may begin play with up to 30 Experience Points (XP). Please be sure to check the specific venue's House Rules for restrictions on how that XP may be spent:


Any XP not spent in character creation does not carry over.

Supernatural Expenditures Limit

Only 45% of your character creation experience may be used to purchase supernatural advantages. These include Advantage (Blood Potency, Gnosis, Primal Urge, Wyrd, etc), Powers (Disciplines, Arcana, Gifts, Contracts, etc) and template Merits (Sanctum, Haven, Occultation, Arcadian Body, etc); basically, anything that a plain Jane mortal cannot purchase. When calculating this percentage, fractional numbers are rounded down. See the table at the top of the page.


Attributes which are left at 1 after distribution of character creation dots must remain at 1 for six months of play.

Attributes left at 1 cannot be improved with bonus character creation Experience
Only two Attributes can be left at 1


Merits which allow information or assistance from supernaturals of other venues/splats (Contacts: Werewolves, Allies: Vampires, etc), require approval from the appropriate ST. The same applies to Skill Specialties. Please check this wiki's contents for any Merit-specific House Rules listed on the applicable Merit's page.


Content should be reviewed before submitting your character.


Check to see if your desired avatar (play-by/faceclaim/et al) is currently used by an active character. Unless explicit permission is given by the player currently using that avatar, we do not "double up". Avatars should be real people/photos. Any avatar associated with a character consistently for two or more years is "retired".


This game has been running for some time, and it also shares a setting among the major venues. Sacramento history (as well as other major locations) is already in place/written. Please make sure that your history and background conforms to what's already been determined. Below is a listing of major locations and history that might affect your background.

Consilia: BaltimoreWashington D.C.
Domains: ClevelandHoustonWashington D.C.
Freeholds: Houston


We ask that players 'shelve' characters properly rather than just quitting posting for them. If a character isn't put away nice and neat, it is up to the Storytellers and Admin whether or not they will be available again for play. Shelving a character requires they be written out 'gracefully':

It may seem like a lot, but we only ask you remove yourself from everything you got into without placing a burden on others.

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