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Here at Edge of Darkness we use pictures of people to represent our characters to help assist with the Role playing. That way the Players can get a better picture of who, or in some cases what, their characters are looking at. This page is dedicated to what Singer, Actor, Musician or random personality is being used and for who. That way we can make sure that no one is doubling up. This list includes only the Active characters. The People being used for Characters that are discontinued or deactivated are up for grabs. This is the list of Active Characters; for a full alphabetical list of avatars in use go Here.

Avatars previously used for characters which are Inactive or Deceased may be used again, however, once an avatar is associated with an active character for two years or longer, it can no longer be used.

The Active Character List
Avatar Characters Player Venue Sacramento Start
Adriana Lima Seraphina Orianna Changeling 2457722.530 November 2016
Amy Acker Jennifer Hazelton Seryna Vampire 2455763.521 July 2011
Anthony Edwards Anima Mark Mage 2458754.528 September 2019
Brenda Song Sonnie Wu Abyssalstar Changeling 2458428.56 November 2018
Cara Delevigne Lenora Stray Vampire 2458702.57 August 2019
Chrissy Teigen Mable Wood Psychangel Vampire 2457941.57 July 2017
Cillian Murphy Jacque Killian Vampire 2458471.519 December 2018
Dave Bautista Ram Scourge Changeling 2459052.522 July 2020
Dean Caine Kaze Ruach Mage 2458382.521 September 2018
Fernanda Ly Briar Rose Saber Sloth Mage 2458854.56 January 2020
James Franco Connor OBrien Drakken Vampire 2459362.528 May 2021
Jeremy Piven Eulogy Sanityawol Mage 2459128.56 October 2020
Kat Von D Alessandra Orianna Vampire 2457106.525 March 2015
Kris Holden-Ried Chris Laurent Kelreth Werewolf 2458140.522 January 2018
Kristoffer Joner Bugul Stray Changeling 2458818.51 December 2019
Ksenia Vasylchenko Twist Deltadream Vampire 2454745.56 October 2008
Mads Mikkelsen Campanella Yumyumcrow Mage 2457633.52 September 2016
Matthew Goode Aiden Whitney MrBrightside Vampire 2458729.53 September 2019
Michelle Mylett Tyche Stray Mage 2458909.51 March 2020
Mila Kunis Circe Origins Changeling 2457855.512 April 2017
Nick Offerman Gerrit Aeolus Changeling 2459098.56 September 2020
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Aurora Orianna Mage 2456825.517 June 2014
Stephen Watt Matt Joule Ruach Werewolf 2458416.525 October 2018
Tatiana Maslany Rlyeh Saber Sloth Changeling 2459366.51 June 2021

Retired Avatars

Reserved for Future Use (Storytellers Only)

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