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A recent arrival to Sacramento, Bugul is not well known.

In the world of Men, Bugul is known as Bartholomew Bishop, although his friends call him Buggy.

Although he has a small place now, Buggy was previously homeless for a small period of time and has made friends with a few individuals who make their living on the street. As he has built up his friendships and has helped them on occasion, these friends keep Buggy, who they call 'a little spacey', steered away from things that would get him in trouble. However, Buggy's lifestyle generally does a good enough job of making sure he is way under people's radar.

Buggy does not have a car, preferring to use Sacramento's public transit or walk. He helps out in community gardens on the weekends and intermittently throughout the week, but has few other hobbies. More than anything else, Buggy keeps to himself. As such, these things combine to make him just another face in the crowd.

To earn his dollars, Buggy does odd jobs here and there. In particualar, Buggy trains dogs and has a way with animals. He has earned some money helping out on landscaping crews as well, but he has no profession to speak of. Nonetheless, he pays rent on time every month, doesn't start trouble, and his friends aren't exactly on the wrong side of the law, so his landlord and neighbors leave him be. To them, Buggy has a good heart. He just isn't always "all there."

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