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The Emerald Court, affiliated with the emotion of Desire and the aspect of New Growth and Rejuvenation; revel in delight and pure joy to turn away the True Fae.

Sonnie Wu
Yamiyo Lillich



Spring King/Queen, Vernal Sovereign

This is the official title of a Spring courtier who is currently the ruler of a freehold.It is unusual, but not unheard of, for a Spring Courtier to take the throne without possessing at least three dots in Spring Mantle and an equivalent amount of Status in the Court.

Sylvan Emissary

In freeholds where the Spring Court’s presence is strong and well organized, the Antler Crown may send out ambassadors to other courts, freeholds or even to other supernatural groups. In theory, these Emissaries are for the purpose of maintaining positive political and social relations with other groups.


Archivists are responsible for remembering all of the traditional celebrations and all of their vital details, including timing, location, necessary participants and important related activities. Furthermore, they also must continually come up with new and interesting ways to bring those sometimes ancient celebrations into being in such a way that they are constantly evolving without ever losing their potency or import.

Sage Escort

Some seek the title of Sage Escort out of a visceral thrill, knowing that the name alone is enough to bring a fever blush to some changeling’s visage. Others pursue it out of a belief that the heart of the Spring Court is deeply tied to physical desire and that learning how to wield such potential is a potent tool. Others are indoctrinated into the role by existing holders of the title, who see in them a spark of potential to nurture, fulfill and shape the desires of others (as well as their own).


The title of Claviger is given to those Spring Courtiers who serve as the bodyguards and protectors of high-ranking Emerald Courtiers, especially current or former Vernal Sovereigns who realize that their position may put them at greater risk for retribution from political adversaries or bring them to greater attention of the Fair Folk.

Verdant Advocate

Many members of the Antler Crown are driven by passions which, at least in the extremes, can be disruptive, destructive or even deadly to themselves as well as others. When one of the court’s members allows her desires to get away with her, landing her in jail, a mental hospital or in the custody of a freehold’s version of the local police, an Advocate (sometimes called a Verdant Mediary or Verdant Representative) is the first one she calls.


One joke making the rounds states that the price of admission to the Emerald Court is a sixpack and a quick tumble. In truth, while Lost who seek to join the Spring Court are rarely turned away, not everyone is truly suited for his or her role. Just as a gleaner may winnow away the useless chaff from the precious grain, Searces specialize in discretely interviewing new or potential Spring courtiers to determine their potential value to the Court.

Avant Guard

Desire is at the core of the Spring Court, not only giving one’s own desires free reign, but also inspiring and promoting the desires of others. Trendsetters within the Emerald Court covet the somewhat tongue-in-cheek title of Avant Guard because it recognizes their ground-breaking ability to create that which others covet, as well as giving nod to their role as guardian of the responsibility of shaping the next wave of art, fashion or technology. To claim to be an Avant is a huge faux pas. Even after one has been publicly or formally referred to as such by others of the title, it is considered trés gauche to use the title to refer to one’s self.


Many see Spring Courtiers as self-centered, but what happens when one’s true desire is to inspire happiness in others? Where Muses inspire others to feats of creative excellence, Joyeux facilitate happiness in those around them. For some, this entails a life of random acts of kindness bestowed upon others, while others plot and plan elaborate schemes designed to defeat sorrow, fear and anger and replace it with joy, contentment and happiness.

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