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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
Alice White
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Doctor Jack
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Juno Mantiserra
Katrin Byeli
Leopold Glass
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Rust Mane
Tally Benoit
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/06/01
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An informal gathering of Lost during Spring's ascendacy in 2011, for the purposes of newcomers swearing the Freehold Oath. [1]


  • Mrs. Rosemary and Terri Nutkins discuss the changes in the Freehold. Terri congratulates Mrs. Rosemary on joining the Spring Court. [2]
  • Rook and Alice White discuss chess briefly, before Spartan arrives to pledge himself to the Ascendant Sovereign's service. Afterwards, Alice oversees the Freehold Oaths from Terra Fredrick, Sweet Tooth, Kimberley Hsieh, and other newcomers, under Spartan's watchful eyes. [3]
  • Terra Fredrick enters, looking for Mr. Bates, who introduces himself with added security. Eventually, he explains the Freehold to her, and introduces her to the Verdant Sovereign. [4]
  • Leopold Glass drags Rook from his conversation with Alice, in order to go off in search of alcohol. Leo tries to provoke Rook into disparaging various members of the Freehold, but the chess piece refrains, citing that he has no room to talk, being who he is.[5]
  • Nightfall attempts to bring Otto Fischer in, and introduces him to Terri Nutkins. Otto seems completely thrown by the other Changelings, and out of his depth, particularly at the free banter between Neil and Terri. The two old friends touch on a couple of nerves with each other, and the conversation is saved from becoming too uncomfortable by Nightfall's easy laughter. [6]
  • Juno Mantiserra and Doctor Jack make a bet as to who can make a friend from each court the quickest, and head off to try. [7]
  • Rust Mane and Rick Pereg discuss possible holes in the Freehold Oath. Rust heavily favours the idea of Dusk and Dawn sitting as intermediaries in the Pledge, but Rick disagrees, not being certain that it would work to deflect the Gentry from discovering and violating the sanctity of the Sacramento Freehold. They also discuss the departure of recent Lost, and the changes of the Freehold.[8]
  • Al-Adin introduces himself to Tally Benoit, and tries to make her cheer up. [9]
  • Juno Mantiserra seeks out her first new friend of the evening, and settles down for a pleasant conversation with Abigail Blake.[10]
  • Sweet Tooth makes a typically loud entrance, and is snapped by Doctor Jack as his first friend of the evening. Leopold Glass saunters over in his eternal quest for booze, dragging Rook along for the ride. Tension sparks immediately between Leo and Sweet Tooth, and an impressive sarcasm cockfight breaks out, refereed by Jack and not helped by Rook's social failings.[11]

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