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Freehold Fairest Courtless
Presence ●●●●● Imposing
Striking Looks ●●●●
(Deviously Handsome)
Gentrified Bearing - Hidden Life ●●●
Rigid Mask

Not much is known about the individual that calls himself Baron Fairweather. The Lost of Sacramento do know that he bought the Empty Orchestra and turned it into a somewhat tacky bar & grill called "Maxine's." Rumor has it that Fairweather may actually be one of the Gentry, but if such rumors are true, that begs the question...what is he doing here?

Eventually it was discovered in the Dreamtime by Mhairi Ankaa and Morgan Bellanar that Fairweather had been masquerading among the Lost for years as Rick Pereg[1].

Perhaps it was the knowledge that the Freehold knew that the Dragon was once again active, slowly but surely amassing a new hoard[2], or perhaps they had finally grown sick of his shadow darkening every corner of the place the Lost of Sacramento called home, but they were beginning to fight back![3]

Mhairi Ankaa and Morgan Bellanar stalked the Dreams of one of Fairweathers...employs. Searching for any hint of...anything they could use to best the Dragon. To their surprise and delight they found his Bane. With glee they brought this information to the Freehold...but the response was less then impressive. Less then a handful of Lost were even interested in the Dragon. Who's presence wasn't felt within the Freehold, at least. Not how it used to be. Between a less then enthusiastic War Council and a scouting trip into the Hedge Malcolm Green attempted to free some of the properties from the Dragon's talon, though sadly Fairweather's and Maxmart's response wasn't anything that Green had been prepared to counter.[4]

Once in the Hedge the Scouting party discovered that the Cultist worshiping the Dragon were slain...by mercenaries the Dragon hired. Quickly the Party divided, Seraphina, Pippin, and Alex Rivers made their way to Thistleton, a Hobtown that the Summer aided previously[5] to cement the friendship, and to see if they had any information on the Blackhat mercenaries. Green separated from Mhairi and Morgan as they all entered Sal's Flesh Market. Each having their own tasks to see too. Even the most well intentioned can fail, which this one did. Spectacularly. Morgan was sent to the Pits, her opponent the disgusting Grub, Mhairi watched from a spot near the bookies, and Green...was up in the balcony with the proprietress of the Flesh Market, Lady Salome.

The Polychromatic Lady bought the Steepscrambler, and began to take her, as well as Green and Mhairi to the center of the Flesh Market and to the Lady's corpse fed Hollow. Where they discovered what happened to the Former Autumn Queen, and Blackbird Bishop Terri Nutkins, and began to bargain for life of the Paladin of Shadows.

Winter's Mountain and Autumn's Wisp had a Year and a Day to slay the Dragon, and remove his Heart and his Tongue and bring them to Lady Salome, or the pair's freedom would be forfeit.

The Winter, however wasn't content to wait, or to sit idle. He did what he did best, and stole into the Dragon's mortal lair, under a disguise of Mirror and waited for his opportunity to strike. Which came swiftly, for his foe was a Dragon, for all that he was a creature of Greed, he was, and would always be defined by his Pride. The Winter didn't cry out for a duel, or wait for an army to descend upon them, no. Green in the silent ways of Winter...poisoned the Fae[6], watched him die. Then got to work removing the muscles that Lady Salome demanded.

To settle his debt, and to save his Motley mate's life.

Shortly thereafter, The Mountain called Green was disappeared from the Freehold, having been called away by Winter[7][8]. His Motley Mate, Morgan Bellanar wouldn't be left behind and so followed after him.[9]

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