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Welcome, traveler, to our World of Darkness. It is a World seeped in the deepest of shadows and most twisted of mysteries. It is a world hidden beneath the veneer of modern Sacramento, a domain of blood and terror, a realm where damned souls wander through their shattered dreams and amidst the reflection of the truly fantastic. Here your imagination can wander amongst those of like mind, exploring the depths of what it means to be human or the recesses of the monstrous...

Edge of Darkness is a role-playing community using a play-by-post forum and chat to enter this dark world, set in the New World of Darkness system by White Wolf. Vampire the Requiem, Changeling the Lost, Mage the Awakening, and Hunter the Vigil venues offer the chance to fully immerse yourself in this welcoming community of fellow Roleplayers and Storytellers. It's a massive collaborative Story; a place to relax, write, roleplay, and share ideas. If this interests you, then venture inside, register an account, and join us on....

Playing Since 2008
...the Edge of Darkness
As a role-playing experience, Edge of Darkness distiguishes itself on two principles: active storytelling and player agency.

Many games use a Storytelling method of describing an event, and the role-play being limited to reacting to said event -- Characters are unable to alter the event. Storytellers on Edge of Darkness tell interactive Stories. No event is set in stone, and Characters are always welcome to jump in, roll dice, and alter events. Likewise, settings are not built around Non-Player Characters. Titles and positions are all held (and contested) by Player Characters.

It's Your Story.
Each character has a full character sheet which is collapsible and visible only to the Player and the Storyteller. These accompany every post, so all the important information is only a click away without leaving the Scene.

Public information (Presence, Status, etc) is automatically pulled and displayed to everyone.
A custom system automatically tracks each Character's activity.

Scenes for the month are listed and noted whether they're in progress or ended. Additionally, the Scene Tracker displays whether resources (Mana, Vitae, Willpower, etc.) has been spent. This allows us to take the burden of bookkeeping off of the Players and Storytellers and let both focus on the important business of telling a great collaborative Story.

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Collaborate with other writers on Stories in White Wolf's World of Darkness setting. Join live chat and participate in out of character socializing or in character scenes. Dynamic pages detailing characters, locations, status, & more.