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Minisheets are an integral, custom function of our game. They are a miniature character sheet that appears alongside forums posts for reference. The Minisheets are made up of three major elements:

You must have approved Character(s) in the database to use Minisheets.


Creating and Editing

The Minisheets are accessed for creation and editing by the drop-down link in the top navigation bar. Although they are called Minisheets, the link is entitled "Control Panel". Once you've accessed the Control Panel, pick an empty Minisheet on the left. The Control Panel will also display your approved characters.

Note: Under the Edit Characters link in the sample, you'll notice specific links to specific characters. These will automatically appear as Minisheets are created. If you are creating your first sheet, these links will not appear.

Your Control Panel shows your approved Characters. You must have an approved Character to assign to a Minisheet.

Public Information

Character, Display Name, and Venue

The first drop-down selector you see lists your approved Characters. Select one to assign it to the Minisheet. If this is blank, you don't have any approved characters and the Minisheet cannot be assigned. This is the primary configuration.

The Venue selector will determine what markers appear on your posts. A Vampire will display Blood Potency, whereas a Werewolf will display Renown. If the markers on your post display the wrong elements, it's because this was incorrectly selected.

Optional Info is one of the default fields displayed under your avatar. If you have a nickname for your character, it can be entered here. This gives some flexibility in what your posts look like. For example, if your Character Name and Wiki page are "Bruce Wayne", this could be "Batman". Alternately, it can be used to display something witty like "The Dark Knight", etc. BBCode should not be used.

Note: Some users use these fields to display Status on their character accounts. If you see a post with several lines of Status displayed under the portrait without selecting a Minisheet, this is how they do it.

Minisheet Public Info is where additional information can be provided. Striking Looks, general appearance, Status, Fame, that sort of thing. BBCode can be used.

Private Information

This is everything about the character not contained on your character sheet. It's pretty straight-forward.

Avatar/Faceclaim is the actor/actress you use to portray you character. Noting it here will list it as 'in use' on the FaceClaim page.

Willpower Sacrificed lets Storytellers know why your Willpower doesn't match your Resolve + Composure Attributes. This is modified every time a character sacrifices a Willpower dot for something like activating a Bloodline, relinquishing a Spell, etc.

Finishing Up

Once the character is edited, Save it. If you've done everything right:

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