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Character Sheet
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This is for your Character Sheet -- the forum post that was created when you submitted a character, and is only viewable to you and your Storyteller(s) here. Related, but not included here are:

The first thing to remember is that only your player account and ST(s) can see your sheet. This means that you won't be able to view it with your character accounts. This is how we ensure that it's kept completely private. Your character sheet is the mechanical representation of your character. It, and the corresponding XP Log, supersede anything about your character written elsewhere. So check, and double-check it for accuracy. It should also be the primary point of contact for questions and issues related to your character -- not PMs.

Aside from the basic character sheet, there are two things to note:


Equipment should be requested, and noted, if it's going to have any meaningful impact on a Scene/activity. This includes equipment which provides equipment bonuses or enables an activity -- i.e. if you want to narrate offering someone a ride in your car, a car should be listed. Equipment requests/purchases will be subject to your character's Resources.

XP Log

Your character sheet should detail your character's Experience and include something similar to this:

+30 Character Creation Humanity 7

+04 March 2016

-15 Attribute: Wits 3
-05 Discipline: Celerity 1
-02 Merit: Fast Reflexes 1
-06 Merit: New Identity 1,2
-02 Merit: Quickdraw 1 (Weaponry)
-03 Skill: Athletics 1

The top portion is your creation bonus, as well as any 'Global' XP or adjustments that are not related to monthly awards or spending. The middle portion will log your monthly awards throughout the year. When a year is completed, it will be totaled and added to the top section. The final section is all of your expenditures, and remaining XP.

Note: The Storyteller(s) have to hand-edit these, and it's time-consuming. Please format all XP requests in the same fashion that the Log uses. This lets the ST cut and paste your request into the Log instead of having to completely re-type it.

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