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These are the general rules for the site, that apply to the forums and chat.

No FoBs (Fresh Off the Boat)

As entertaining as it might be for you, it's not very fun to explain to someone else what a phone, or car, or Harpy, or Interfector is. If you want to explore your character's education, you're free to do so in historical Glimpses, but not to inflict that burden on others.


Generally posting in a Scene is done by taking turns, at whatever speed the parties involve manage. However, in some cases people are delayed from posting, and guidelines need to be defined.

Posting Rate in Narrative

Posting Rate in Combat

If the ST informs you that for combat the 48 hour rule will be exchanged by "Combat Posting," Please be aware of the following:

Posting Key

Narrative describes what your character is doing, and should be in plain, unmarked text. Bold or italics can be used sparingly for emphasis.

Speech describes what your character says and should be surrounded by quote marks ("), and can be colored.

Thoughts describe what your character is thinking (directly, in the first person) and should be completely italicized, and can be colored.

This is the standard posting key. Alterations to this, even if noted in a signature line, rely on the goodwill of other players to respect. If there is a question of content, these rules take precedence over any individual customization. Please also refrain from 'dialect' or other such styles like repeating characters for stutters if it is a constant characteristic. Every now and then is fine, but wading through word salad is no fun for anyone. Just use a descriptor:

Anything posted in any language other than English requires a translation be posted as well. No exceptions.


These are the specific rules for how we handle Scenes and keep continuity from getting snarled:

Normal Scenes 'happen' when the thread closes/Scene ends
Stickies 'happen' on the day the thread begins


These are Scenes done in real-time in the Chat rooms.

Private Message

These Scenes are typically between two characters with positions and in-character responsibilities, allowing for character development and so that other characters don't get 'stuck' waiting.


These threads are typically phone calls, text messages, emails, or letters.

Social Groups

These are private forums which contain Scenes visible only to the member of the group.

Beginning Play

Your character is not approved until a Storyteller says something to that effect. Once that happens, a few more things are necessary before beginning play. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either on your character sheets or in Chat.

Tracking Scenes and Expenditures

Some venues have limits on how many Scenes (threads) a character may be in in -- these are found on the individual House Rules pages. Additionally, some abilities in nWoD require expenditures: Willpower, Vitae, Mana, etc. For your sanity and ours, we have a system for keeping track of both.

Please read these carefully. Using them is mandatory for play.

Rolling Dice

XP Reports

In the last week of each month, please fill out an XP Report, accessible from the drop down menus of each venue, with details of what your character has accomplished in the last month. These must be submitted before midnight, Central US time, of the month for which experience is to be awarded. This is the only way your characters will receive regular experience.

House Rules

We've got a lot of House Rules. Please take the time and make the effort to go through them -- especially at Character Creation. Some are made to balance the game, some are made to address issues particular to the play by post format, and some address crossover issues. They exist for many reasons, but the primary one is to fix a problem that was encountered -- the HRs have a purpose, and are not arbitrary.

Character Accounts

Players should make secondary accounts to post under for their characters. Please note that it's also the player's responsibility to ensure that all accounts are maintained and updated and to stay on top of their OOC business. Reading OOC posts, private messages directed to the player account, notations on the character sheet -- these are all your responsibility. Not logging in to your player account isn't an excuse.

That said, we hope it's an easy and fun process. Here's how to get started:

Double Posting

Lastly! If you forget which account you're using and post with your player account DO NOT re-post / double post with your Character Account. It clutters up the thread, throws off the various counters, and just annoys everyone else. Just live with it. And if you do? Make sure your signature and minisheet is set up on your Player Account :P

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