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Unless an ST is running a plot, the City Shards are social Scenes. Shards will last one month so that they may enter continuity, so expect the threads to be closed at the end of the month. The scenes will enter continuity when they complete - just like other regular Scenes.

No Reveals

This includes tossing around powers. Exception(s) are Hardening Masks and Obfuscate 2. Vampires are expected to Blush.

Open Scenes, Public Locations

All threads in the City Shards Forum are to be open scenes and publicly accessible locations. These may lead to private Scenes, which should be approved by the participating venue's HSTs for PM or Social Group Scenes.



Shades are an experimental type of 'half' character -- one that isn't involved in regular venues, doesn't have a full character sheet, or earn XP. Other than that, it's whatever you want them to be (although supernatural Shades should be limited to Changeling, Mage, Vampire, or Werewolf). They can even be retired characters or characters from closed games, or simply character concepts you never got around to finishing or want to try on for size.


Even though Shards should be mostly social, in case a Shade needs a dice pool or wants to be above average (Striking Looks, etc), here are the nuts and bolts:

So much like the current Retainer system, these 'universal' dots could be spent, say 1 for Presence (for 3) and 2 for Striking Looks (for SL2), giving you a good-looking, personable halfsie. Or 2 for Strength and 1 for Brawl if it's a cage fight (total dice pool 6). Or 2 for Strength and 1 for a Fighting Style maneuver.


As the Nexus concept is still a recent introduction, the current rules and documentation can be found in the Nexus Social Group on the forum.

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