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A Glimpse is a specific type of Scene -- one that is self-contained without interaction from other players. Typical Glimpses come in two types: historical and fuel (Glamour, Mana, Vitae) gathering.

Historical Glimpses

These are similar to short stories, written to fill in details of a character's past. They often expand on backstory elements and/or motivations.

Fuel Glimpses

Most venues require a set number (6) of Glimpses to be written that explore how a character is defined by their needs. For Changelings, this is a snapshot of how they harvest Glamour. For Mages, how they might draw Mana from their Hallow and how that Mana or Hallow's resonance affects them. For Vampires, this shows how they sustain themselves with their need for blood.

Supernal Glimpses

Mage also has "Supernal" Glimpses, which can be used to detail enlightenment or understanding of the magic they use and which surrounds them. An exploration of Gnosis, details of a ritual, anything that offers a view of the Mage and their personal implementation of magic and how they shape the world with it or it shapes them.

'Mood' Glimpses

Sometimes events happen that a character might reflect on. It may not be a recounting of their past, but a moment between Scenes to expand upon their state of mind or emotions. A perfect example of this might be after a death, or Degeneration, or loss of control (Frenzy, Paradox, etc).


While Glimpses are used to expand on characters and don't have direct oversight by Stortellers, they should follow the basic rule-set. One cannot involve or manipulate other characters without their consent or expect to 'god-mod' their way through the setting. Also, while characters in the World of Darkness often to monstrous things, Glimpses are not an outlet to freely write such without consequence. For example, Storytellers are well within their rights to call for Degenation rolls if a Glimpse is written about murder. Lastly, while some Glimpses are encouraged via Average Fuel Pools, they're not mandatory. They should be used to give insight and detail to a character; flesh out and develop them, rather than just trying to get around a 1 dice penalty with as little effort as possible.

Everyone loves to read a Glimpse!

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