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This applies to Haven, Sanctum & Hollow

There has been a long term misconception that the elements (Size/Security/etc) of the Sanctuary (Haven/Sanctum/Hollow) Merit are separate Merits. They're a single Merit[1].

This isn't a House Rule. It's Rules As Written. If you've been doing it The Wrong Way, you've been playing by your own House Rules :P


The sanctuary Merit includes a Security rating to generalize how intense the sanctuary’s locks and encryption are for a mundane intruder, but you should still feel free to detail the specifics of your security system. The Security rating takes dice away from dice pools for breaking inside, but you can always upgrade the locks you’re using on a sanctuary. Whether the front door is secured with a cheap padlock from the local hardware store or a state-of-the-art electronic security system, the Security rating still represents the number of dice taken away from any dice roll to crack the system. Physical locks require Larceny Skill rolls; electronic security often requires a Computer Skill roll.

This is a Vampire House Rule We deviate from RAW by allowing Sanctuary (Security) to exceed 5. There is no limit on Security.

Of the features listed below — outer walls, interior walls, doors, door locks, windows — the Security dots invested in the sanctuary determine their Durability. Some of these can be enhanced by purchasing the sanctuary Materials Merit, described on p. 86.

Mage Only

Note that the Security trait can reduce the mundane dice pools used to assault a sanctuary directly, but the Trait doesn’t prevent supernatural effects that rivals use against the those who live in that sanctuary. A intruder who attempts to blast down a door with a ball of fire must contend with the door’s Durability and Structure, as explained below. A mage who uses Space 2 to sympathetically attack a mage within the sanctuary does not need to contend with the sanctuary’s Security dots.
Security Rating Outer Wall DUR Inner Wall DUR Doors DUR Locks DUR Windows DUR
4 3 3 5 2
●● 5 4 4 6 3
●●● 6 5 5 7 3/5
●●●● 7 6 6 8 3/6
●●●●● 8 7 7 9 3/7


There are several Shared Merits in the various venues, such as Haven, Sanctum, or Hollow.

What happens if you want to have both your personal, private Haven, while at the same time sharing another with your Coterie / Cabal ?

It's simple. Your private Merit, and your Shared Merit are completely different ones, and you keep track of each of them separately.

For example:

1 - Batman already has a bat-sanctum 4 (Size 1, Security 3) that he'd like to keep private. It has already cost 2+4+6+8 = 20XP to him.

2- Robin and Alfred decide to settle together. Robin and Alfred each bring 12XP toward the shared batcave, in the form of a Sanctum 3 (Size 2, Security 1) each. The Shared batcave is currently a Sanctum 6 (Size 4, Security 2). Robin and Alfred both enjoy the full benefits of the Sanctum 6.

3 - Now let's say Batman would like to contribute to the Shared batcave, and bring a Sanctum 4 (Size 1, Security 3) contribution, thus upping their Shared batcave to Sanctum 10 (Size 5, Security 5). It would cost Batman the price of another, distinct Sanctum 4, aka 20XP. Batman, Robin and Alfred all three enjoy a Sanctum 10 (Size 5, Security 5).

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