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House Ruled Sanctuary
Nosferatu The Beast that Haunts the Blood.jpg
Nosferatu The Beast that Haunts the Blood p. 113-117
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
●●●● (20XP)
●●●●● (30XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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Buying points in the Necropolis Merit allows a Nosferatu character to contribute to the communal catacomb “kingdom” of the local Haunts. While it’s possible that only one Nosferatu in the city contributes these points, the Merit is meant to be shared by some or all of the city’s Haunts. One Nosferatu may possess the points which contributes toward the Necropolis’ many chambers and sites, but in all likelihood these are still open to those allowed entrance.

Necropolis dots can be lost. Nosferatu characters may betray the nest. They may fall out of favor. They may end the relationship held with their other subterranean dwellers, preferring instead to eschew the freak-show and try to carve out a niche amongst the “upper crust” of Damned society. Alternately, one of the Haunts may meet Final Death or be forced into exile by an angry Prince.


Bleak Annals

(● to ●●●●●)

The Bleak Annals are a library… of sorts. Oh, never a normal library, no. Maybe it’s too-tall walls whose thousand niches are filled with clay pots and in these clay pots lurk curls of papyrus. Sure, it could be books, but if they are, don’t count on them being arranged by alphabet or by the Dewey Decimal System—instead, they’re probably piled into teetering stacks or are scattered not in one room but throughout the breadth and depth of the entire damn Necropolis. Worse, the Annals might be something totally bizarre: walls made of shrunken heads that speak secrets if offered prayer, or a breeding room of rats whose squeaks and chitters could be translated into knowledge and wisdom for those who care to take the task.

Note that, when purchasing dots in the Annals, the same Skill Specialty can be purchased up to three times. For example, the Annals might be particularly focused on demonology, and if this Occult Skill Specialty applies three times, it grants a +3 bonus to all appropriate Occult rolls.


(●, ●●●, or ●●●●●)

For some, the Nosferatu bath house is a truly glorious affair: tarnished brass tubs sunken into stone floors, the tubs and water made hot by a floor heated through with steam or stoked with smoldering coals. For others… well, in one Necropolis the bathhouse is a grimy series of pits filled with rancid blood whose skin (like that which forms on old tomato soup) is pierced by the vigilant stirring of blind ghoul sycophants.


(● to ●●●●●)

Some Necropoli are little more than a series of connected rooms: a rotting set of pocket doors opens to reveal the library, a rusted porthole leads to the temple, and so forth. Others, though, have a great deal of space between the rooms, and in some, this space is a precarious tangle, a true labyrinth. These are the Catacombs.

Dark Temple


Perhaps it’s a small alter ringed with rat skulls, or a golden urn in which the ashes of an ancient Haunt linger. Or perhaps it’s a bloody pulpit surrounded by rock walls made white with chalk crosses. Somehow, this room has become consecrated—why or when such a consecration happened is hard to say. The local Haunts may or may not remember. Maybe the Dark Temple lies beneath an open sewer grate that opens up in what they call “Murder Alley,” and over time all that bad blood dripping down left an indelible stain (both physical and spiritual) on the room. Could be that some decrepit Nosferatu Saint (Saint Cheslin of the Boneyard, Splinter of the Monastery of Yellowjackets) makes this room his sarcophagus. Or, perhaps it’s just that this is where the Nosferatu choose to worship, and their grim energy has pooled here like so much sewage.

The Dark Temple can only be consecrated for the Lancea Sanctum or the Circle of the Crone; to whom it provides its benefits must be decided at the time of the points purchased. The Storyteller may allow characters to actively attempt to “reconsecrate” the Dark Temple to their own faith.

Garbage Pit

(●●) Trash has to go somewhere. Welcome to the Garbage Pit (which like many of the chambers listed here may have its own name in the Necropolis: The Shit Pit, perhaps, or simply, The Ditch). In some cases, it’s the trash from the world above. Garbage seems to ceaselessly wind its way downward, as if seeking interment and decay. Other trash comes from the Nosferatu themselves: old blood-stained clothing, broken masks, pilfered goods from victims, and so forth.

The Garbage Pit provides a handful of unconnected benefits.

Labrynth Guardians

This is a Vampire House Rule This is not used. See Retainer.


(● to ●●●●●)

The bigger the commune of Nosferatu gathering in the Necropolis, the bigger the need for Sepulchers. Not every Haunt needs to slumber in these places, but many do.

A private Sepulcher is somewhat different than a Haven proper, but still falls under the rules of Tenancy. Size is for the most part equal to a small apartment of one or two rooms across the board, and security is up to the Haunts to provide in and around the Necropolis itself. So what use does a Sepulchur have then aside from keeping out the sun? Well, depending on how your Haunt has their space set up, it can find uses providing extra skill dots for the owner when present in the Sepulcher.

Maybe a Sepulchur is more a lab than home and thus provides dots to science. Maybe there is only weapons decorating the dark room, and blood stains here and there. Any individual sitting in a chair with only that to look at would of course be offset and thus a bonus to interrogation occurs. Perhaps words echo off the walls a certain way making Empathy checks easier, et cet.

Trap Door

(● to ●●●)

A Necropolis can, with time and effort stretch well beyond its original reach, engulfing the underbelly of whole cities with it's catacombs, and tunnels and hidden doors set up to pull in the unsuspecting kine with ease. It is perhaps the last bit there that is most terrifying to consider for the handful of mortals who might be aware of such terrible things.

This is a Vampire House Rule Trap Door will add a bonus equal to it's dots to the Strength + Subterfuge Hunting Roll.

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