Survival Skill

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Survival Skill
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Experience or training in "living off the land." Knowing where to find food and shelter, identify tracks, and how to endure harsh environmental conditions. The higher the skill the fewer resources needed to prevail in the wilderness. Note that Survival is not synonymous with Animal Ken. The former helps your character stay alive in the wilderness, living off the land with whatever supplies he has brought with him. The latter involves understanding animal behavior and interacting directly with animals.



Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Equipment
Action: Extended (five successes required; one roll represents one hour of searching)
Suggested Equipment:Survival knife (+1), water purification tablets (+1), field survival guide (+2), field survival kit (+3)
Possible Penalties: Arid locale (-2), frozen locale (-2), foreign environment (-1 to -3), lack of tools (-2)

Foraging for food and water is an extended action. Each roll represents an hour of diligent work. Five successes are required to gather enough food and water to sustain one person for a single day. One success still provides some amount of food and water, but fewer than five means that your character becomes progressively malnourished and vulnerable to deprivation and disease.

Roll Results


Any larger wind-powered craft that rely on the pilot’s understanding of waves, wind, and ropes make rolls with this skill instead of the Drive Skill.


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