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Sturdiness. Steadfastness. Sheer physical resilience. Stamina is a measure of how tough your character is. It indicates how far she can push her body, and how much physical abuse she can endure. Your character might be sickly and frail, or hardy and unstoppable. Bouncers, brawlers, triathletes, survivalists, heavy lifters and workaholics thrive on Stamina.[1]

This is information about the mechanic. Stamina, along with Size, is a factor in determining your character's Health dots.

Holding Breath

Stamina Time*
1 30 seconds
2 One minute
3 Two minutes
4 Four minutes
5 Eight minutes
6 15 minutes
7 30 minutes
* If your character is in combat,
she can hold her breath for
one turn per Stamina dot.
A character can hold her breath for a number of turns based on her Stamina dots, as per the table. When she has reached her normal limit, a Stamina roll is made to continue. Each success grants 30 extra seconds (or one extra turn per success in combat). When she can no longer hold her breath, she begins suffocating/drowning. She suffers one lethal Health wound per turn. (Werewolves and other living supernatural creatures cannot regenerate this damage until they can breathe again. Since vampires and the walking dead don't breathe, they cannot suffocate or drown.)

Resisting Poison or Disease

Toxins or ailments affect people only in so far as these afflictions can overcome bodily resistance, and often the personal imperative to remain healthy. The human body can fight back against foreign substances and illness, but determination to resist goes a long way toward recovery, too.

Mere exposure to an illness or poison might call for a reflexive Stamina + Resolve roll to determine if your character falls victim. If the roll is successful, he remains healthy or immune. If the roll fails, the symptoms kick in.

If an affliction has long-term effects, efforts to fight back might call for extended and reflexive Stamina + Resolve rolls. They might be made every turn or hour for a poison, or every hour, day or week for a disease. The total number of successes needed to overcome might be 10 for a weak poison or 30 for a virulent disease. The victim suffers from any effects of the illness while it is being fought. The Storyteller might impose a limit on the number of rolls that can be made before a severe condition proves fatal. If required successes aren't accumulated by then, your character dies.

Roll Results

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