Subterfuge Skill

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Subterfuge Skill
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Subterfuge is the art of deception. Characters possessing this Skill know how to lie convincingly, and they recognize when they're being lied to. Subterfuge is used when telling a convincing falsehood, hiding one's emotions or reactions, or trying to pick up on the same in others. The Skill is most often used to trick other people, but characters also learn it to avoid being tricked themselves.

Roll Results


If your character attempts to pass himself off as someone else, roll Wits + Subterfuge in a contested action against the individual whom he tries to deceive. The subject gets the same roll. If your character has supporting documents (passport, driver's license) that help reinforce the disguise, apply a +1 to +3 modifier depending on the quality of the documentation (see below). If the subject knows or is familiar with the person being impersonated, apply a -2 to -5 modifier to your roll (-2 if familiarity is passing, -5 if it's intimate).

If rolls achieve the same number of successes, re-roll.

Example: Stoe attempts to bluff his way into a corporate office posing as a police officer. Stoe's Wits is 4 and Subterfuge is 2. He has a fake badge and ID that look good enough to pass a cursory inspection, adding a +2 modifier to the roll. The secretary at the front desk has a Wits of 3 and a Subterfuge of 1. Stoe wins the roll handily with three successes to her one, and the secretary hurriedly ushers the "detective" into the vice president's office.

Roll Results


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