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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 64-67
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Obtenebration; the strange and inexplicable power to control shadows and darkness. Elders of the Khaibit bloodline claim that this power was gifted to them by the Egyptian god Set[Sutekh] as a weapon against the spectral denizens of the Shadow (aka, the spirit realm).

Basic Discipline Levels

• Night Sight

Allows the vampire to see in the dark. While the power is in effect, the vampire's pupils expand to fill their eyes from rim to rim.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: No roll required

•• Shadow Play

The vampire can take control of nearby shadows. The shadows can be lightened or intensified, reshaped where they stand or even pulled from the walls and twisted into wholly unnatural shapes. The Khaibit can use this power to temporarily increase their stealth or intimidation, or to simply terrify mortals (or other supernaturals) who are not used to such otherworldly displays.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Wits + Intimidation + Obtenebration

••• Shroud of the Night

The vampire can now create darkness, either to conceal their own deeds, blind their enemies or to manipulate further through Shadow Play. The intensity of the darkness created depends on the amount of ambient light already in existence. Creating a cloud of inky blackness on an abandoned street would be comparatively easy, whereas it would be difficult to summon anything more than mood lighting in a well-lit parking garage.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts + Obtenebration

•••• Perambulum in Tenebris

The vampire can step into one shadow and emerge from another. only line of site to both shadows is necessary for the Khaibit to travel between them, meaning that vast distances can be covered very quickly. Suffice to say, the potential of this power for both escape and ambush has doubtless been responsible for many Khaibit victories.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: No roll required

•••••Shadow Form

The vampire can now transform into pure darkness. While in this form they are nigh-invulnerable, unable to be harmed by anything other than sunlight or certain magics. even fire cannot touch them. the vampire can also slip through any gap more than a few molecules wide, though like a normal shadow they must 'stick' to a wall or surface. An exceptional success on the activation roll allows the Khaibit to overcome this, as they can transform into a 3-dimensional column of living, fluid darkness. If the vampire is in an area so brightly lit that shadows can not exist, then they are unable to take on the Shadow Form.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obtenebration

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