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Ancient Bloodlines p. 102-104
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Linagem is the unique discipline of the Corajoso, a Ventrue bloodline from Portugal involved in the exploration and colonization of Africa.

Linagem grants the power to read the Vitae that lies within Kindred, granting them unsettling levels of awareness over Blood Sympathy, Blood Ties, and Vinculum.

For more details, purchase the 'Ancient Bloodlines sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Affinity for Blood

Increases the Telepath's ability to create the Vinculum, allowing even higher blood potency targets to become their thralls.

•• Sanguine Secrets

By tasting Kindred blood, the user learns vital information about who it came from, and, most notably, who they're related to.

••• Binding Ties

The power of the blood tie becomes even stronger, increasing the bonus given on Discipline rolls.

•••• Blood Lies

Tricks the target into believing certain things about the user's blood that are not at all the case.

••••• Distant Mastery

Allows the Telepath to force his will through the blood ties he has made, controlling targets without the need for proximity or eye contact.

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