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The Invictus p. 196-199
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Perfidy is the unique discipline of the Kallisti bloodline of Kindred. It sows supernatural dissent among mortals, ghouls and Kindred alike, leaving social destruction in its wake.

The Kallisti are rightly shunned for their use of Perfidy, but they are also used by some powerful Kindred to undermine enemies of the Invictus. The Kallisti themselves sometimes use Perfidy powers to ease the separation of prospective childer from their mortals ties before the Embrace. Most Perfidy powers are anything but subtle, and are used sparingly and with much planning by their wielders. The higher level powers are seldom if ever seen for what they are in modern times.

This discipline is described in detail in the Supplemental Book Invictus.

The Perfidy discipline is well known within the covenant of the Invictus as being associated with the Kallisti bloodline.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Sweeten Sin

Weakens a target's resolve, making them give in to Vice and indulge in sinful desires.

•• Indiscretion

Causes a target to reveal every secret they know about someone to whom they are loyal.

••• Familiarity Fear

Causes the subject to react with extreme fear (similar in effect to the Nightmare power of Monstrous Countenance) when they next encounter a specific person with whom they have a strong emotional bond.

•••• Passion Fugue

Temporarily destroys all emotional ties possessed by the subject in a form of emotional amnesia.

••••• Animus

Turns a target's positive feelings towards others "inside out" - love becomes hate, friendship becomes animosity and so on, making the target a loner, cutting themselves off from their former ties.

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