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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook p. 115-119
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As one of the most common vampiric powers, Animalism is a versatile Discipline that gives its user the ability to communicate and control animals. Usually, Animalism works better when used on other predatory beasts, and at some point can even rouse or calm even the bloodlust of the vampiric Beast. It must be noted, however, that most of its powers affect only actual animals, not any sort of supernatural creature that looks or is within an animal's body.

Discipline Levels

Feral Whispers (•)

The most basic form of animal communication allows the kindred to communicate with almost any animal. This power, however, only grants communication, as the animal still retains its capacity to act freely.

Obedience (••)

Building upon Feral Whispers, Obedience forces the vampire's will upon the animal, turning it into an obedient slave that will do almost anything the vampire commands.

Call of the Wild (•••)

The first Animalism powers focus exclusively on single animals. Call of the Wild is massive in comparison: The vampire literally summons all members of a specific type of creature of his choosing, within a certain radius.

Subsume the Lesser Spirit (••••)

By extending her dominion over the beast's psyche, Kindred who use this power can push back an animal's consciousness, effectively replacing it for a while with their own, as their own body enters a Torpor-like state. While possessing an animal, the kindred can even walk the day, though he must first succeed at remaining awake. Many become addicted to feeling "alive" again through this power, and some never return to their torpid bodies, lost inside the animal's urges.

Leashing the Beast (•••••)

The Beast is an almost uncontrollable force, and only those who acquire this power can gain some measure of control over it. By using this power, kindred can provoke or mitigate anger and fear frenzies in herself or another vampire.

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