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Bloodlines The Legendary p. 47-50
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The Despond discipline is associated with the Children of Judas bloodline, a morose group of Daeva who capitalize on the inner fears and worries of others.

Despond, in particular, is one of the most feared disciplines among the Kindred; it gives vampires a very clear glimpse into the world of torment and pain that they have to try so hard to escape. A Child of Judas, if identified, may soon find himself the target of unwanted attention.

For more details, purchase The Bloodlines: The Legendary, a sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Self-Doubt

For a brief moment, the target is unable to do much of anything.

•• Doomed To Fail

The target becomes disheartened and disillusioned, worried that everything they attempt might not succeed.

••• Dark Night of the Soul

Whoever is affected by this technique can do little other than brood on one's own failures and misfortunes.

•••• Melancholy

The target becomes deranged, expressing phobias and distressing mindsets he would not normally sink to.

••••• The Earth Rejects Thee

Suicide loses its ability to end a person's suffering, as the target can be brought back from the grave as a vampire.

Groups that use Despond


The following Clan(s) practices the discipline of Despond:



The following Covenant(s) practices the discipline of Despond:

Lancea Sanctum

Official Bloodlines

The following Bloodline(s) practices the discipline of Despond:

Children of Judas
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