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Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook.jpg
Vampire The Requiem Sourcebook p. 250-253
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This Discipline is available only to the Burakumin, and allows them to perform such amazing feats as staring into the eyes of a dead man to see what he saw or raising that same corpse as a shambling zombie.

The simplest application of this power, Moonlit Preservation, allows a corpse to be mystically preserved. The second allows the Burakumin to stare into the eyes of a corpse in order to see what the dead man saw in the last moments of his life.

More advanced forms allow practitioners to became harder to hurt by holding part of a human corpse in his mouth, or create a temporary homunculus out of sewn-together corpses.

The last and most powerful application of this power makes possible the animation of the dead, similar to the Theban Sorcery ritual Gift of Lazarus.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Moonlit Preservation

Preserves a mortal corpse in its current state without need for chemicals.

•• Crow's Harvest

By looking into the intact eye of a corpse, the Burakumin glimpses a vision of the corpse's last moments.

••• Corpse Skin

The Burakumin causes his flesh to harden in the manner of a decaying corpse, granting him armor-like protection.

•••• Channel of Hasu-Ko

Creates a small, homunculus-like undead servant from pieces of a corpse.

••••• Convocation of Hotoke

Raises one or more corpses as servants which carry out a simple order.

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