Blood Tenebrous

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Blood Tenebrous
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Blood Tenebrous
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Book of Spirits p. 124-126
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Blood Tenebrous is detailed in the Book of Spirits, a product in the general World of Darkness line of books. It is a Discipline that allows Kindred to interact with spirits, which was, at the time of release, unprecedented. It is associated with no Clan, Covenant, or Bloodline, allowing any vampire to learn it at out-of-clan cost.

This discipline bears a number of similarities to levels of Carrefour and Essentiaphagia.

The full details may be found in the Book of Spirits for World of Darkness.

Basic Discipline Levels

• Pulse of the Invisible

Gives the user a passive sixth sense for spiritual activity; if Vitae is spent, it may be used actively to discover specific phenomena.

•• Blood is Life

Transmutes Vitae into Essence, attracting spirits who come to feed from it.

••• Under the Skin of the World

Permits a vampire to force himself, and himself alone, between the world and the Shadow Realm.

•••• Road from Perdition

Creates a dangerous two-way portal between the World of Darkness and the Gauntlet.

••••• Drawing in the Devil

Combines a vampire and a spirit into one flesh, allowing the use of some of the spirit's Numina.

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