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In the role-playing game Vampire: The Requiem by White Wolf, vampire characters belong to one of six fictional factions, five of which are referred to as Covenants. The sixth faction are those vampires who do not belong to any Covenant and are labeled as Unaligned.

  • Each Covenant has unique advantages available to them. A character must have at least a single dot worth of the Status Merit in a covenant to avail himself of its benefits.[1]
  • See Also: Who's Who: Vampire


Carthian Movement

The Carthian Movement works towards finding the best form of government for the Kindred, basing its experiments on mortal systems like Democracy, Fascism and the like. It is the only Covenant that elects leaders, and is the newest major Covenant. Members frequently argue over the best form of government and this Covenant is primarily secular in outlook and character.

There are currently 0 active Carthians:

Circle of the Crone

The Circle of the Crone is a collection of pagan and Neopagan cults and religions within the vampiric culture. Generally, these groups are structured around a belief in a generative cycle, though they often revere a particular representative goddess, and these shared associations give rise to their eponymous association with the Crone. They celebrate most of the major pagan holidays, such as the solstices and Yule, and practice the Blood Magic known as "Cruac". Despite many differences in belief and opinion between various circles and cities of the Covenant, they typically dislike the Lancea Sanctum.

There are currently 0 active Circle of the Crone:


The Invictus (also known as the "First Estate") are mostly concerned with material gain and power and therefore heavily involved in city politics and business.

There are currently 4 active Invictus:
Alessandra, Connor OBrien, Jennifer Hazelton, Twist

Lancea Sanctum

The Lancea Sanctum is an organization which grew parallel to Christianity, therefore commonly being mistaken for a vampiric equivalent of it. They believe Kindred (the word vampires use for themselves) have a role in the Divine Providence: that of the ultimate predators. As vampires, they're to prey upon humans, thus unleashing God's Wrath upon the unworthy and representing tests for the pious. It is sometimes referred to as "The Second Estate".

There are currently 0 active Lancea Sanctum:

Ordo Dracul

The Ordo Dracul is focused on understanding the vampiric condition, improving upon it and ultimately transcending its limitations. They learn a collection of powers known as The Coils of the Dragon which alter the practitioner, generally alleviating particular limitations of the vampiric condition. The members of the Ordo believe that this discipline was created by the founder of the covenant, the infamous Dracula.

There are currently 0 active Ordo Dracul:


The Unaligned is simply a catch-all term for any Vampires that do not belong to a covenant.

There are currently 4 active Unaligned:
Aiden Whitney, Jacque, Lenora, Mable Wood

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