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Changes were made to Majesty 1, Nightmare 1, and some Theban Sorcery and Crúac rituals.

Majesty •

Up to 'Success' it's identical. In the Success description the following is added after the existing description (exact quote): Any social rolls he engages in with them gains a number of bonus dice equal to the number of successes rolled to activate the power.

Exceptional Success is completely changed and now only indicates that that you make a more profound impact on the audience. There is no more bonus effect here.

The effect works automatically. Rather than comparing successes people are now always affected in order of Composure levels, lowest first, highest last. So it's still not possible to single out a specific person. The amount of people affected is still detemined by the penalty you are willing to take. The chart remains the same.

People affected pay attention to the Vampire. They laugh at jokes and believe the stories the Vampire tells. Subsequent uses of Awe can be attempted to affect more people, but the results of the new attempt replace the successes of the previous roll (so it could get worst if you get less successes).

The power is still 1 scene and people can still be thrilled to see the Vampire again after the affect has ended.

Nightmare •

The opening description has been changed. After the words 'malevolent hiss' a new sentence has been added (exact quote): This horrid display may be enough to shake the confidence on any onlooker, but the supernatural revelation of the vampire's Beast terrifies beyond the flesh, into the soul'. In the next sentence, instead of the words 'a visage most foul' it now says 'an experience most terrible'.

The dice pool remains the same. The action now states: 'Contested; resistance is reflexive'.

The power now affects just one person. You can only affect a group indirectly in that the companions of the affected person may decide to follow his lead and join in on running away. This is purely up to the group members though, as they are not directly affected by the power. The onlooker must still see the Vampire and the television/video clause is still in place.

Dramatic Failure is still the same in effect, though the wording now says the Vampire 'cannot muster the horror' of the power.

Failure, Success and Exceptional Success are all still the same.

Crúac and Theban Sorcery

Both Cruac and Theban Sorcery have now included the following term to the activation roll: The spell is active in the turn where you either exactly hit the right amount of successes or go over it. Thus you cannot continue rolling to get more successes.


Level 1, 2 and 3

No changes found. Even a few spelling errors are still there.

Level 4

  • Blood Price: Roll changed to standard roll with target's Composure as penalty. No more counter roll.

Level 5

  • Blood Blight: Target includes the specific mention of ghouls. The roll is changed to the standard roll with the target's Stamina as penalty. No more counter roll.

Theban Sorcery

It is now specifically mentioned that Willpower can be spend in second and further rolls of activation, as long as you adhere to the 1 WP per roll rule. It does mention an 'unless specified' for the first roll though.

Any spell that has a roll + counter roll is altered to the standard roll minus a Trait from the target as penalty. These penalties are:

  • Liar's Plague: Resolve or Composure, whichever is higher
  • Blandishment of Sin: Resolve
  • Malediction of Despair: Resolve
  • Transubstantiation: Stamina

Furthermore, Malediction of Despair has an added clause that targets can only be affected by one instance of the curse at a time.

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