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Ordo Dracul
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The Ordo Dracul is a Kindred Covenant focused on transcendence. Often, they use the nickname Dragons and are also sometimes referred to as The Secret Estate by the Invictus.

The Grand Wyrm is the official leader of the Ordo Dracul Covenant.


  • Castellan:
  • Kogaion:
  • Grand Wyrm:
  • Convener:
  • Guardian:
  • Confessor:

Active Members

History of the Ordo Dracul

  • 2009 Attacked by Brood.
  • 2013 Attacked by the Society of Penelope.
  • 2014 Fractured into two Academies by David Regan opposing Martha Villiers.
  • 2016 Second Academy withered and the Dragons joined under one Academy again.
  • 2017 Dragons abandon the original Chapter House under the leadership of Grand Wyrm Lina Moretti to found a new Chapter House in a more politically advantageous territory.
  • 2019 All Dragons in the Domain leave. The new Chapter House is empty. Dirt Nap returns to occupy it alone and begins training new Slaves, though none stay to complete a Crysalis.
  • 2020 Horatio Quilz Sworn of the Axe arrives in the Domain to take charge and restore the Covenant. Horatio leaves suddenly within the year. Only Dirt Nap remains.
  • 2021 Dirt Nap leaves and there are no Dragons in the Domain. He returns and another Dragon, Quinn Durant arrives. He is successful in teaching Quinn Durant and she completes a Crysalis, attaining a Coil. Quinn Durant leaves the Dragons but remains in the Domain. Dirt Nap burns down the new Chapter House and ascends to Sworn of Mysteries intent on restoring the original Chapter House in the Domain as its location is a secret to Quinn Durant and other newer arrivals who only knew the location of the new Chapter House.

The Sworn of Dracula

There are three Sworn Orders within the Ordo Dracul. Those are the Sworn of the Axe (aka Crimson, warriors, and protectors), the Sworn of the Dying Light (Azure, scholars, and judges), and the Sworn of the Mysteries (Onyx, diplomats and politicians). The colors noted there are ceremonial colors, and some in each Sworn order may take offense should an Unsworn or Sworn of another Oath wear them at official OD functions. Because the Sworn have additional responsibilities placed on them, their authority expands further than the Unsworn.

When it comes to giving orders, if neither are Oathbound (or both are), the one with more Coils of the Dragon has greater rank and thus greater authority. However, any Oathbound outranks an Unsworn. But, if both are equal in Oath (or lack thereof) as well as Coils of the Dragon, the one with more Ordo Dracul status has more authority.

This has a few exceptions. In battle, deference goes to the Axe. In matters of research, to the Dying Light. In matters of policy, to the Mysteries.[1][2]

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