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Geomantic Nexus
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House Ruled Sanctuary
Ordo Dracul Sourcebook.jpg
Ordo Dracul Sourcebook p. 202
Preq's Occult ●●●
Wits ●●
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
●●●● (20XP)
●●●●● (30XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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This is a Vampire House Rule A Geomantic Nexus requires one monthly Glimpse to be written to maintain it (per text below).

Effect: Many Dragons within the Order are fascinated with geomancy — the magic of locations and spatial arrangements. While the Order’s version of geomancy borrows heavily from traditional feng shui and the European study of ley lines, their long spans of study (and their undead patience) have taken it in some unique directions.

Characters with this Merit have a carefully maintained space that enhances good fortune on actions performed within it. This “fortune” takes the form of a dice pool bonus on rolls involving a specific trait. For instance, a library might be arranged to grant a +2 bonus on Intelligence dice pools, while a ceremonial chamber might be altered to provide a +1 bonus on dice pools based on Presence. These bonuses only apply to actions taken inside the space.

This Merit works somewhat like the Haven Merit, and can even be combined with it. Geomantic Nexus is actually two interconnected Merits.

This Merit presumes that your character has regular access to the space in question and is able to perform regular geomantic maintenance on it. Your character doesn’t have to own the space or be in charge of it, she just needs regular access to it.

The time requirements of geomantic maintenance depend on the size of the space and the size of the bonus. A good rule of thumb is that a space requires about one hour of mystic adjustment and careful alignment every month for every room that grants the bonus. In many cases, this maintenance time won’t be important, but in some stories, time is a factor. Either a whole space is successfully maintained, or it’s not. Two hours of work on a mansion that normally requires 10 hours of geomantic upkeep aren’t sufficient to maintain the bonus in two rooms, for example. The mystic alignment of the whole space must be correct, or there is no bonus. If a space goes untended for one month, its geomantic effects are suspended. To restore the bonus, your character must dedicate sufficient hours to maintenance for the month; it’s not necessary to purchase this Merit again unless you want to adjust the geomantic state of a whole new space.

Note that one aligned site can’t exist inside a larger one. It’s not possible to have a +1 bonus to Manipulation dice pools in the bedroom and a +3 bonus to Presence dice pools everywhere else in the house, for example. Disrupting a positive arrangement isn’t too hard: change enough elements and the balance is ruined. Trashing a room, repainting a house, tearing out the grove of Spanish moss-draped cypress trees on the estate — all these things can disrupt positive geomancy. Generally speaking, a roll isn’t even required as long as destruction is occurring. It’s up to the Storyteller’s judgment when enough damage has been done, but in no event is it possible to mess up a good vibe and have the Dragon who maintains it fail to notice.

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Merit TypeSanctuary  +
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SourceOrdo Dracul Sourcebook  +
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