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Per WoD core, WP refreshes once a Story ends; otherwise, it's through four means:

Willpower pools will not refresh every Scene. They will be a constant, and must be tracked in your signature lines. For every New Scene a character enters (which is not linked to another same-day Scene) the character adds 1 WP to their total. This is to simulate the night of rest. Otherwise, it can only be regained through Virtue/Vice & possible triumphant acts. Scene-hopping to abuse the system will be Not Good (tm). Social Scenes do not count towards Willpower recovery.

Sticky Scenes occur the day they are opened, so spending Willpower in a Sticky will drop your Willpower in any/all other open Scenes except another Sticky which began earlier.

Standard Scenes occur the day they are closed, so spending Willpower there will drop it in every Scene that began after or is still open when that thread closes.

Social Scenes (Requiem, Awakening, etc. forums) are not supposed to have any impact on continuity or be significant other than casual social interaction, and therefore making "heroic do-or-die efforts" really shouldn't be happening in them. With that in mind, if Willpower is spent in a social Scene, it will act like a Sticky and drop Willpower in any/all other Scenes -- if only to discourage this use. Please note: This isn't to say Willpower can't be used in social situations -- but if something significant enough to cause one to use Willpower happens, it probably should have been in the "main" forum/Standard Scene.

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