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Physical might. Sheer bodily power. The capacity to lift objects, move items, hit things and people, and do damage. Strength is a measure of muscle. Your character could be 98-pound weakling, he could carry a spare tire, or he could be lean and cut or bulky and brawny. Your character's Strength score is used in hand-to-hand combat. This trait is instrumental to laborers, thugs, athletes, brawlers and law-enforcement agents.

Strength, along with Dexterity, is a factor in determining your character's Speed[1]. Strength is also added to Brawl Skill or Weaponry Skill attacks to determine the amount of harm your character inflicts in combat[2].

Strength Feat Lift
1 lift a chair 40 lbs
2 lift a large dog 100 lbs
3 lift a public mailbox 250 lbs
4 lift a wooden crate 400 lbs
5 lift a coffin 650 lbs
6 lift a refrigerator 800 lbs
7 overturn small car 900 lbs
8 lift a motorcycle 1000 lbs
9 overturn mid-sized car 1200 lbs
10 lift a large tree trunk 1500 lbs
11 overturn full-sized car 2000 lbs

Lifting and Moving

All people can accomplish feats of strength in momentary efforts. To exceed this limit, a Strength + Stamina roll is required, with successes achieved added to your character's Strength score to determine what kind of task he can accomplish in that action.

If your character's modified Strength total exceeds that required to lift an object, it can be relocated as desired.
If his Strength total matches that required to lift an object, it can be moved about a yard.

Roll Results

Breaking Down A Barrier

Breaking down a door

Holding back a door

Your character seeks to hold a door closed against others who want it open.

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