Intimidation Skill

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Intimidation Skill
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Intimidation is the art and technique of persuading others through the use of fear. Your character can intimidate someone with a show of brute force (Strength + Intimidation Skill), through more subtle means such as verbal threats (Manipulation + Intimidation Skill), or simply through menacing body language (Presence + Intimidation Skill). It can be used to get other people to cooperate (even against their better judgment), back down from a confrontation, or reveal information that they’d rather not share.

Possessed by: Bodyguards, bouncers, gangsters, executives, police officers, soldiers

Specialties: Bluster, Physical Threats, Stare-Downs, Torture, Veiled Threats


Dice Pool: Wits + Intimidation Skill + equipment (interrogator) versus Stamina + Resolve (subject)

Action: Extended and contested (the task demands a number of successes equal to the subject’s Willpower; each roll represents one hour of interrogation)

Interrogation involves wearing down a subject’s resistance until he or she is incapable of concealing information. It’s an extended and contested process. Make Wits + Intimidation + equipment rolls for the interrogator. Roll Stamina + Resolve for the subject. The number of successes that each participant seeks is equal to his opponent’s Willpower dots. Thus, if an interrogator has 5 Willpower and his subject has 3, the interrogator wins if he accumulates three successes first, and the subject wins if he accumulates five successes first. The winner breaks the opponent’s will to continue asking questions or to resist any longer. The interrogator’s roll can be modified by equipment such as torture instruments. If the subject is allowed sleep between interview sessions, rolls are made for him normally. If he’s denied normal sleep, he suffers a cumulative -1 penalty for each night of sleep that he misses. Thus, he’s at -1 after the first night, -2 after the second, and so on.

If participants’ accumulated successes meet their targets simultaneously, the interrogator fails to learn what he wants and the process must start over again from scratch.

Suggested Equipment: For interrogator: Law enforcement or government credentials (+1), interrogation room (+1), torture implements (+2), interrogation drugs (+3); For subject: Airtight alibi (+3), lawyer on the way (+2), important cause (+3)

Possible Penalties: For interrogator: Language barrier (-2 to -3), lack of evidence against subject (-3); For subject: Denied food and/or water for extended period (-3), loved ones threatened (-1), loved ones harmed (-3)


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