Monstrous Countenance

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Monstrous Countenance
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This is a Vampire House Rule Please remember that Vampire has a House Rule regarding Resistance. Although this page may not reflect that, it is still in effect.

The true face of a vampire is a frightening thing, indeed — made all the more terrifying by the assistance of this entirely unsubtle Nightmare power. When a Kindred activates Monstrous Countenance, he does so in conjunction with a ferocious baring of fangs and a raspy, malevolent hiss. This horrid display may be enough to shake the confidence on any onlooker, but the supernatural revelation of the vampire's Beast terrifies beyond the flesh, into the soul. The result is an experience most terrible, one that can make stalwart foes cower at the vampire’s feet.

An activation roll is made for the vampire, and a reflexive and contested roll is made for any single person who looks upon him. The power now affects just one person. You can only affect a group indirectly in that the companions of the affected person may decide to follow his lead and join in on running away. This is purely up to the group members though, as they are not directly affected by the power. The onlooker must still see the Vampire and the television/video clause is still in place. Any onlooker must see the vampire in person; the character’s appearance is frightening on a television or video camera, but no more so than any special effect. Record the successes achieved on the power’s activation roll to compare to all comers’ contested rolls.

  • The Nosferatu clan weakness does not apply to the Discipline user’s roll.)
  • Official Errata updates have been merged into this text.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure

The vampire is incapable of Monstrous Countenance for the remainder of the scene.


The subject’s successes exceed or tie those rolled for the vampire. The subject is a bit shaken, but otherwise unaffected.


Successes rolled for the vampire exceed those rolled for the subject. The victim flees the vampire’s presence entirely, using all available means at his disposal to do so. He continues fleeing for one turn per success rolled and will not come within sight of the vampire for the remainder of the scene.

Exceptional Success

An exceptional success reduces the subject to a cowering heap, unable to take any action of his own volition. If attacked, a terror-stricken foe can defend himself (he is allowed Defense but not a dodge action), and may attack anyone who attacks him. He cannot attack the Nightmare-user, even if she is also the source of an attack. The victim remains terrified as long as the vampire remains in the vicinity.
This is a Vampire House Rule Addendum to the Exceptional Success effect: If the victim is attacked, his Defense applies and he may act in the next turn and thereafter, and the effect of the power is broken.

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