Shatter the Mind

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Shatter the Mind
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This is a Vampire House Rule Please remember that Vampire has a House Rule regarding Resistance. Although this page may not reflect that, it is still in effect.

No description can be given to this level of Nightmare mastery other than inhumane brutality. And yet, the power is horribly insidious for affecting only a victim’s mind, leaving the body untouched. The vampire confronts a subject with her greatest fear, driving her mad. By use of this power, a vampire actually inflicts no physical harm upon the subject. He simply awakens her thoughts to the most horrific thing that she can imagine befalling her, and her subconscious mind proceeds from there. The victim imagines that a doomed fate befalls her, regardless of how implausible or nonsensical it might be under the circumstances — drowning while walking down a city street, for example. And yet, she imagines and is convinced that the situation occurs all the same.

  • Once used successfully on a victim, Shatter the Mind cannot be applied against her again in that scene by any vampire.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure

The vampire is incapable of using Shatter the Mind for the remainder of the scene.


Successes rolled for the subject exceed or tie those rolled for the vampire. There is no effect.


The most successes are rolled for the user of the power. The victim loses her next action as she reels from the vision with which she is confronted. Her Defense still applies, but she cannot perform a dodge maneuver. All other actions for the remainder of the scene are performed at -1, and she loses one Willpower point. The victim is subject to a mild derangement for a number of weeks equal to the successes rolled for the Discipline user. The Storyteller decides what the derangement is. If the victim already has a mild derangement, the Storyteller can upgrade it to a severe one for the duration.

Exceptional Success

This is a Vampire House Rule No additional effect.

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