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Ancient Bloodlines 64-68
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Carrefour is the unique Discipline of the Apollinaire, a Ventrue bloodline of European settlers in Haiti who can open and close the gates to the realm of the dead. Carrefour is not a discipline to be taken lightly, for, if misused, it could free malicious spirits, and otherwise cause dramatic chaos. It is not, after all, for small reason that the Gatekeepers must sacrifice an eye for this power.Carrefour flourished during The Haitian Revolution (CE 1791).

Basic Discipline Levels

• Govi Trap

Govi are tiny bottles, meant to trap ghosts and spirits; with this power, the Gatekeeper can coerce a spirit into entrapment.

•• Skeleton Key

Any door can be unlocked and opened, or closed and locked.

••• Vévé Passageway

A passage drawn on a wall in chalk turns temporarily into a real corridor that the Kindred may walk through.

•••• Open Bayé

Creates a dangerous two-way portal between the World of Darkness and the Twilight.

••••• Shift Threshold

The inlet of one door is shifted to the outlet of another, allowing instantaneous travel between any two doors.

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