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This is a site-wide House Rule Banned: Ancient Bloodlines has been removed from general play on Edge of Darkness. The staff has determined that Ancient Bloodlines is either over powered, inconsistent or does not promote constructive game play in the environment that has been built on this site. Please know that Ancient Bloodlines has been discussed on some level and that the removal of Ancient Bloodlines play was done with the best of intentions. This source material may be available outside of the general setting, in side games.
Vampire WW25312
Pages 160
After Ancient Mysteries
Before Night Horrors Wicked Dead
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ISBN 978-1-58846-364-7
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Remnants of Ages Past

The Blood isn’t stagnant. It changes with the times, even if the Kindred that carry it don’t. Every epoch leads to new permutations of the five clans. Some of them die out when they are no longer useful, but others carry on, even to the modern nights. Some have been forgotten. Some are ready to reclaim what they have lost. All retain pieces of the cultures and events that created them.

Weapons for the Present

  • Twenty new bloodlines, based on the historical flashpoints presented in Ancient Mysteries.
  • New Disciplines, Devotions, factions, antagonists, mysterious places and a variety of other options of Vampire chronicles.
  • Two new forms of blood magic — Haitian Kindred Vodoun and Sumerian Mérges Sorcery.

New Rules

Abjurism, Adroanzi, Ahl al-Jabal, Apollinaire, Asphyx, Asura Yuu Thi Nay, Bak-Ra, Bhumisparsa, Blood Beacon, Blut Alchemie, Break Vinculum, Brothers of Ypres, Burrow, Canda Bhanu, Caporetti, Carrefour, Circle the Wagons, Corajoso, Dance of Kali, En, Eye of Shiva, Freeze Bones, Geheim, Ghost Walk, Glory of Ra, Herds Measure, Hypnagogia, Iltani, Kinnaree, Les Gens Libres, Liberated Mind, Linagem, Mayarap, Merges Sorcery, Mystikoi, Nburu, Order of Sir Martin, Rejected Malady, Repulsive Mien, Sakti Pata, Seek the Brahmin, Septemi, Shadows Revelation, Shepherds, Shivers, Specter Sight, Spiritus Sancti, Sta-Au, Stone Cling, Telepathic Network, Usiri, Vodoun, Whisper of War

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