Order of Sir Martin

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Order of Sir Martin
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Leper Knights
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Ancient Bloodlines p. 137
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Invictus
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The disease I got only goes to the bones. Yours goes soul deep.

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The First Estate's acceptance of the bloodline and knightly order known as the Order of Sir Martin comes as something of a surprise to most Kindred. Often described with epithets ranging from "unpleasant" to "scurrilous" or worse, the Knights of Sir Martin seem at first glance antithetical to the First Estate. They claim to uphold the law, never openly defying it and always adopting a stance of submission towards the authority of the Invictus, yet they seem constantly plagued by accusations of secretly flaunting the edicts of the domain and spreading disease among the masses.

In truth, the Order of Sir Martin acts as a sort of secret police for the Invictus, willing to act in ways and investigate in places that the more proper members of the covenant could never sanction. The eclectic membership of the order opens it to Kindred who would never otherwise find a niche within the First Estate, while the covert operations it engages in on behalf of the Invictus allows its members to channel their most destructive impulses into productive avenues. The Invictus appreciates the Leper Knights' unique talents and have kept them close to their breast for almost a thousand years.

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