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What Is This?

This is a New World of Darkness (not Chronicles) game in the unified setting of present day Sacramento – the capital of California -- Population of 470,000 and is a thriving, bustling center of government.

Getting Started

First things first, it's quite straight forward - you'll need to think about a log-in ID to access two places:

  • The main portal (this hosts the Wiki and the Play by Post (PbP) threads and the Chat element (which is used as a venue to meet other players in real time and carry out some occasional roleplay in the channels available at the Chat.)
  • Upon logging in you will need to quickly get to work to set up your forum account. This is probably the way most people will communicate with you OOC initially. It is also the place to submit Characters to and generally access the bits of the site that help you modify the site to your taste.
  • Once you've worked with the ST and your Character has been Approved then you can be ready to jump into the City setting!

The site is made of three three major components:

  • The forums are where most of the gaming is done, by taking turns posting in threads which represent Scenes.
  • The wiki is where you are now; it's a dynamic database of setting information, including characters, locations, status, demographics, rules... well, you get the idea.
  • Chat is a real-time system for talking with other players out of character, or doing Scenes in character.

Introductory Scenes

It is a good idea, but not an absolute essential, for Characters to take part in one of the following introductory Threads to meet other Characters, pick up gossip and generally meet and greet:-

Rules & Playing

People & Info

Wiki Stuff

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