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Bhumisparsa is the unique Discipline of the Mayarap, a bloodline of ancient Thailand that takes heart in the dark teachings of the Naga Monk, their snakelike ancestor. The discipline of Bhumisparsa acts as a supernatural Armor stat, much in the way that Resilience enhances Stamina and Health. Bhumisparsa flourished during the The First Kingdom of Thailand (CE 1238-1368).

Basic Power

Bhumisparsa does not have discrete powers like most Disciplines. Instead, its effects grow more potent.

The discipline operates very similarly to the physical disciplines, such as Celerity or Vigor; it has only one effect, which gains in power as you take more dots in it. It subtracts one die from all attacks directed at the user, except for those which the user is unaware of. It cannot be used against fire or sunlight, nor can it be used if the Vitae spent to activate it is from an unwilling source.

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