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Gilded Cage
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Gilded Cage
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Bloodlines The Hidden p. 35-37
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The Gilded Cage discipline is associated with the Architects of the Monolith bloodline, a fairly recent hierarchy of Ventrue who are obsessed with the interweaving symbols and patterns of the city.

Gilded Cage, in World of Darkness terms, is a metaphor for cities in general; the discipline that bears its name has the power to control the city, with almost as much ease as could be afforded if it were a single entity. Gilded Cage is a ritual discipline, meaning that it is learned like Cruac or Theban Sorcery, with more than one ritual per dot; the levels may be purchased at 5x New Dots experience, like all bloodline disciplines, but new rituals retain the cost of 2x New Dots.

  • Use of Gilded Cage disciplines require at minimum one Willpower Point. Even if the ritual fails, that point is still consumed in the process of exerting control upon the city.

This is a Vampire House Rule Like other Sorcery/Ritual Disciplines (Cruac, Theban), EoD has removed the 'free' ritual upon purchase of any level.

Discipline Rituals

• One-Dot Rituals

  • Paths of the Prey - Allows the user to follow ley lines and other guides to find mortals ripe with blood.
  • Red Light - Significantly increases the travel time that the target would experience traveling through the city.

•• Two-Dot Rituals

  • Green Light - Speeds up one's travel time throughout the city significantly.
  • Aura of the Monolith - Produces a symbolic link between the caster and a significant piece of nearby architecture.

••• Three-Dot Rituals

  • Gather the Herd - Allows the user to quickly move all of their followers to one place.
  • Eye of the Pyramid - Lets the Mason see anything that could be seen from anywhere at a target nearby building.

•••• Four-Dot Rituals

  • Lock the Gilded Cage - Supernatural forces prevent the target from making their way out of the city.

••••• Five-Dot Rituals

  • Metropolis of the United Diagram - Instantly and effortlessly move anywhere in the city.
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